Should I keep this Be&D leather flap satchel?

  1. Just grabbed a Be&D lether flap satchel in sand from NM online....well, I admit, I paid mostly because of its 75% off. :shame: That's just hunter. But, should I keep it anyway?

    Here are the pros and cons from my point of view:

    Pros: I don't have a satchel of this color before; Its style is different from what I usually have (more feminine, or, more trendy); Its price is really good (75% off $1125, which gives $281).

    Cons: I don't have any experience with Be&D brand before; I don't know if this style is classic; I don't know if the quality is trustable; I just bought a Carlos Falchi large doctor bag...

    Any suggestions, ladies? I still have some time to decide whether I should cancel the order. Thanks!!

    The picture is as below, but in sand color.
  2. I bought this same bag for the same reason, only my sale price was only 60% off!!! Anyway, it was a nice bag--the leather was lovely--but it just wasn't me, so I returned it. I will say it was bigger than I expected it to be, and at 5"7' that's not usually something I say. Nothing I can put my finger on exactly, it just wasn't right.....:shrugs:
  3. Thanks lily! That's a very good point. I'm only 5'5", so most likely its size is going to be more of a problem for me. (Such a good deal though....*whine* ) I guess cancelling the order will be the right thing to do, :smile:
  4. Not necessarily!! It could be I just don't read measurements accurately!! :confused1:

    It was a beautiful bag and just because I found it to be too large doesn't mean you will. It wasn't that it was too big for my frame, it just that it was a larger purse than I was used to. You got a killer deal on it and it may be just right for you. I wouldn't cancel the order yet. Wait a bit for other responses. If you get a lot of negatives go ahead and cancel. If not, look at the bag in person. You may really like it and if not, you're only out the postage....
  5. I love the bag. I say keep it.. killer price too:smile:
  6. OK, so, finally the bag is shipped. is the story behind it - I attempted to cancel the order literally twice yesterday after I placed it, and mysteriously every time after 1 hour or so it reinstated to "in process", :wtf: And after the second attempt the 'cancel' box disappeared completely, :wtf: And, this morning when I checked, it's shipped.

    So, I guess they REALLY want me to at least take a look at the bag....and I can do that, if it has to be, :P

    Waiting to see it...
  7. That's one thing I don't like about NM's online ordering--the cancellation process takes too long.

    I'm not crazy about the bag, but I think because it looks like a lot of studding on it and that's NMS. But you will be receiving it apparently so you have a chance to try it on IRL and decide. Great deal!!
  8. The good news is, I got free shipping and there is a NM store not too far away. So I guess I'll just wait for it to arrive, make a decision at that time, and return it locally if it doesn't work out. :smile:

    I also had some strange experience with NM online before, such as cancelling orders without any reason or notification. But at least I don't have to worry too much about authenticity with them....
  9. Wow, great price! I like it!
  10. Follow-up: Received the bag! It's actually pretty good. Leather seems very nice, stitches nice, and it's not as big as I imagined - I think it's related to its shape, because the 16-inch width is only at the widest bottom, and the bag 'tapers' rapidly.

    So, I think I'll keep it! With a $281 price it's worth it. (I was thinking about getting a Mulberry tooled bayswater of the same color before, but now I think this can be a good replacement!)

    Thanks all the ladies who gave me advice!
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