Should I keep this Bbag???????

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  1. [​IMG]


    My step mother gave me this beautiful bag yesterday for christmas ( A lil bit early I know)

    I love the color and the leather is tdf but it's my first non motorcycle bbag,
    and I don't know why but I'm afraid that the color fades away and the leather seems a little more delicate.
    Does someone knows that style?
    I don't even know the name
    So should I keep it or no???
    What do you think about my new b bag??
  2. I believe that's the Metallica line. It's beautiful. Is the color pink or purple? If I were you I would keep it, non-motorcyle styles are fun and more rare out on the street ;o)
  3. No, I think it's camel or light caramel if you prefer
  4. Really? Surprised they haven't been slapped with a trademark infringement suit by Metallica! Maybe I should offer my services:graucho: . But to which side? Tough call.... :supacool:

    Ok, :back2topic: . Do you have the option of returning/exchanging?
  5. yes Decophile I have the exchanging option that's why the choice's so hard
  6. It looks like a classy, roomy, and well made bag, but doesn't stand out very much. If there are still some moto bags you'd like to get out of your system (or into your system, depending on how you want to look at it), I'd exchange it. I assume it's quite pricey, and yet don't see how much bang there is for the buck. I'd exchange it for something that makes my heart sing!
  7. If you don't like it, you should exchange it :smile:
    I'm sure your step mother will understand :smile:
  8. I almost bought that bag awhile back at NM in a blueish grey color. The leather is really soft on that bag. I think it's a nice style. I'd definitely keep it.
  9. It's clear your stepmom cares about you, so she probably would actually want you to exchange it for something you like better, if that's the case. That way every time she sees you carrying the bag, she'll know you really, really did love her gift.

    What bag would you exchange it for?
  10. Oh my!!! I love this bag!! What style is this called? And could you tell me the dimensions? :drool:
  11. I don't know the dimensions but it's between the city and the work and it's called the metallic ( line)
  12. If you're not in love with it return it but if the leather is TDF that would make me keep it! I think it's so pretty! But it's too much money to not be in love.
  13. I totally agree with zac on this one! If you arent IN LOVE with it, then definantely exchange it.. because im sure she would be much happier spending that money on something you will love and wear all the time!
  14. hey bad, the bag is beautiful, but that leather is very delicate. it fades easily and watch out for water spots. if you want a more durable bag, go for motorcycle leather. if not, keep it. that leather is soo pretty and soft, but need TLC.