Should I keep this bag?

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  1. So I ordered the Kate bag in optic white from Nordstrom, but was sent icy white instead. Apparently their sku numbers are mixed up and they don't have any optic white bags left. Is this color pretty?? I like it, but it isn't what I was expecting?



    Here's what it was supposed to look like

  2. I love the color, but if you don't love it, send it back. I bought so many things that I didn't love, but kept because I thought they would grow in me. I learned if i have to talk myself into it, back it goes. Otherwise it will never get used and will sit in my closet collecting dust and regret. There is another bag out there that will wow you like you hoped.
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  3. I would see it as meant to be and keep it, it’s not like you ordered white and get red?
  4. IMG_1532396616.161635.jpg
    Or should I return it and order this one ? [emoji30]
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  5. [emoji23] off to return this tomorrow ! Annoying how Nordstrom gets their color skus wrong on designer bags. Second time it's happened to me
  6. They are both pretty but there’s just something about optic white that makes me swoon. Let me know how your bag holds up colour wise etc, next bag I’m saving for is a kate in white.
  7. If you don’t love it send it back. It’s not the colour you ordered and it’s their error. These bags are too expensive to not be in love with.
  8. only problem is, i cant find optic white anywhere??? Where are you getting yours from?
  9. I saw an optic white (well, bright white not the grey tinged white) kate at the YSL boutique in chadstone, Melbourne a few months ago. By the time I get it it’ll prob be gone but I’ve seen them often enough over the years not to stress that they won’t come back out
  10. Darn Im in the states! I called the boutiques here and they all said the optic white went on sale a few months ago so they're sold out haha
  11. Oh gosh I would kill to get one on sale! I hope they didn’t here and I missed it somehow, I’ve been keeping such a close eye on white Kate’s ! Let me know how you go, I think the one you have is beautiful too so if you decide to keep it I don’t blame you!
  12. Right!? I already returned the off white one they sent me. So im torn between the light grey croc or the white. What do you think ?

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