Should I keep this bag?

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  1. I ordered a Hip Bag in black with giant rose gold hardware from Yoogi's Closet. This is my first Bal bag and when I got it I was a little underwhelmed. It looks better when it's not flattened and there's items in it, but I'm more concerned about the hardware. Will rose gold change over time? There's a spot on the zipper that doesn't look so good. I'm ok with it but I just don't want it to get worse! Also, the strap not as sturdy as I thought, can any Hip owners please comment in how the strap is holding up? The leather is great though, and very soft and smooshy :smile: Thoughts? TIA!

    And here is the link from Yoogi's Closet, for more close-up photos: Link

  2. Sorry I can't help but i love the rose gold and black combo. This looks so squishy and yummy. I love it x
  3. I'd keep this classic! So functional and versatile! The little dot is no big deal, and the leather looks amazing on that one!!
  4. you should keep
  5. keep it
  6. Keep it, I also love the black and rose gold combo.
  7. I've never had a HIP so I don't know how the strap holds up. Yours is really cute! Love that combo.
  8. Thanks everyone! I'm not as knowledgeable as you all in terms of how the leather is, but this one feels great so I'll probably keep it. Also, I realized the black spot on the zipper is grime that can be wiped off :yahoo:
  9. I have a Shoulder (much older version, with short strap) and the strap is much thinner than what you have there, it's still intact and going strong. Bal bag is much more durable then they seem. Small cross-body bags are such an in thing now, keep it~ Black is timeless, that combo is really hard to come by nowadays. Plus you can use it as a clutch~ HTH xx
  10. I've had my hip for years, and while I don't use it everyday, I've taken it on busy vacations quite a few times and it's held up well. The great thing about bal bags, too, is that they age really well and IMO any scratches/rubbing just adds character. Congrats on your lovely bag! I saw a black velo with rose gold hw and I so want it, but no budget ATM.
  11. Ok great, thank you! The strap was the only thing I was unsure of. I looked on the Balenciaga site, it doesn't look like they have the hip with giant rose gold anymore? Even more reason to keep mine :P

    Thank you! Looks like I'll be keeping her, she's got tons of character already.
    And I feel your pain...I saw someone recently with a black city with classic hardware and it reminded me of how much I want one, but no budget for me either :sweatdrop:
  12. Love her details from the hardware to the leather. I would keep too!!
  13. My Hip looks just like yours and I love it. It's holding up perfectly so far!

    (Good news about the mark on the zipper!)

  14. Thanks! Guess I got a good one :smile:

    Yes I'm very happy about the zipper, and even happier to hear that yours is holding up well.
    How do you like the drop length on this? I'm 5'8" and I think it's a little too long for me to carry comfortably, since I like it to just hang off my shoulder and not across my chest.
  15. I'm 5'8" too and I usually wear it x-body. I also often unbuckle the strap and run it though the rings again to make it short shoulder length -