Should I keep this bag? Need your opinion.

  1. Ladies,

    Need your opinion on this one ...

    I bought a new Chloe bag at the Nordstrom sale last week. It is a real lovely bag with a touch of style but not very flashy, medium size (around 10x10), light weight (with a small padlock, much lighter than the other paddington I have which has a large lock)

    One issue though, one of its two compartments is secured by the padlock. To open/close it, I have to pull the lock through the little opening on the flap. I'm worrying this will tear the leather easily and it's not as easy to open the flap either.

    I'm debating whether to keep it because I'm pretty sure I will need to use both compartments, then the design may be a concern, and it wouldn't be practical.

    What do you guys think? Anyone have a Chloe with similar design, is my concern valid?

    btw, do you know the name of this bag, I don't seem to find it at the Chloe home page. (it's probably a messenger bag??)

    Any suggestion is appreciated :smile:

    full_2.jpg side_2.jpg top_2.jpg
  2. Hi juliews

    i think the design is impractical. I wouldn't worry about tearing the leather; i think you would eventually click the padlock through the loop and just chuck the flap over the bag without bothering to secure it.

    I'm having a mental blank about the name - i saw it just the other day!
  3. Really cute bag!!! But if its impractical, how long will it be before you find that it's in the closet more and more.
    Your concern is definitely valid!
  4. Hmmmm. I am not feeling it and if it is irritating you now, you will HATE this bag in another few months IMO :shrugs:
  5. I'm not feeling it either, has an old Coach flavor to it....(see I don't enable all the time!!)
  6. Its cute but no LOVE worthy.....if it bothers you now take it back!
  7. Thanks you all for your feedback and suggestions :smile:

    Most likely I'll take it back, and of course, check out any other deal for Chloe bags. I love their handbags, nice leather and design. Unfortunately, I can only afford it when there's some discounts. I think there's a handbag sale (Chloe, Marc Jacobs, ...) at Saks sometime in March (a SA at Nordstrom told me). Got to start saving $$$ now ...