Should I Keep This Anthropologie Dress? Need Opinions Please.

  1. I went to Anthropologie during my lunch break with the intention of only looking around. And if I had to buy something, it would be on sale and I would have to absolutely love it. I didn't see anything I liked in the sale section and started heading for the exit. On my way out, this dress caught my eye and "spoke" to me. I decided to quickly try it on. Otherwise, I would never get it out of my mind. Other than being a bit low-cut, it fit perfectly. What do you think? Is it a keeper?
  2. i don't really like it for me (personally) but do u have a pic with it on?
  3. I can see myself buying that dress and wearing it a few times before forgetting about it. Honestly, it is not anything super special that i would be like wow but it is a pretty dress and if it's your style keep it. I like the color and uniqueness of the pattern so if done correctly you could make it look really nice. If you know ur gonna wear it then keep it but if it is just for a day or two then return it bc it isn't worth the money to me. wow...i just realized i am no help at all...sorry!
  4. I like the cut but the print looks a little boring. Maybe with the right accessories it would look better?
  5. I like it but not for that price. Maybe I'd get it when it's $50.
  6. Surprisingly, with my personal expereince with Anthropologie.. is that it may look great on the rack.. but it may fit & look totally different when you try it on & vice versa. If this dress spoke to you, and it looked great when you tried it on, & you can get great use out of it.. (able to wear it to multiple functions or outings) then I say go for it~! ;)
  7. it is pretty cute, but not worth 160.
  8. Its a pretty dress...nice emerald green color.

    It looks like there are a lot of sizes left on this dress. Im sure it will go on sale sooner or later. Just look at it regularly and catch it when it does. If youre really worried about it you could call and ask them how many they have left.

    Also, are you near a store location? I think their shipping charges are a rip.
  9. It's cute!
  10. I know this is just me trying to rationalize my irrational purchase, but I don't think the picture does it justice. The color and material look much prettier in person.

    To clarify, I already bought it. I'm not sure if I should keep it. I would love to wait for it to go on sale, but I'm worried that it won't and even if it does they won't have my size. I hate not being able to have something because I waited too long. Then the dress gets idealized in my mind and I go nuts.
  11. After reading your last post...I say KEEP IT!!!!! it seems like you really like it so you might as well keep it bc i know when it goes on sale they won't have ur size and then you will kick urself and go looking all over the internet for it or something like it! (i do this all the time lol)
  12. i know what you mean exactly!! haha i ALWAYS do that! buy first, decide later.. since there's always returns! i say keep the dress if you love it!
  13. If the dress spoke to you and you weren't even able to leave the store without it because of how beautiful it looked on you, then I would say keep it. It's cute, a bit pricey, but it sounds like an item that you truly love: something that fits wonderfully, that you love enough to pay retail for (which you did), and something that you would still think about if you walked over to decide and would regret not buying if it was no longer available in your size. Congrats on your new dress!
  14. It all comes down to whether you'll wear it or not. I personally wouldn't have bought it; not because it's ugly or anything, it's just too short for my pudgy thighs.
  15. Love the cut...not crazy about print.

    Love Anthropologie...hate its website. All images should be capable of being enlarged to fit the full screen.