Should I keep this Anthracite Day Bag?

  1. I been watching on eBay for an Anthracite city or work bag. I was hoping to get a good deal on one, but so far have not had any luck. Yesterday I found this beautiful Anthracite Day bag at Neiman Marcus, but I am not sure if I should keep it, since I really wanted a city or work bag. I love the way the color changes depending on what light it is in. What do you think? Thanks!
    Balenciaga Day Bag 004.JPG
  2. i love the color and the GGH. but i cannot buy anymore big bags like that.. it's hard to find things, personally. i always call these bags 'surprise bags' because you never know what you will find or get when you stick your hand in there searching for something.
  3. WOW Very pretty bag. I just got my 1st day about a month ago and I LOVE it. But if your heart is set on a city or a work... maybe you should return it and wait for the bag you want. These bags cost too much to not get what you LOVE.
  4. I think it is truly divine. The gold hardware looks so lovely with the leather colour. How could you bear to let it go?
  5. I would keep this one...I have a day bag and you can cram quite lot in them......
  6. I love this bag, its gorgeous. but it sounds like you really want something else, I would return.
  7. gorgeous bag and color! but if it's not what you were looking for, return it and keep looking! have you tried calling Barneys etc?
  8. I agree, return it -- your bag will come!
  9. NM still has some anthracite works in stock. You should call around:smile:
  10. It's beautiful but I would hold off until you find your City or Work.
  11. Barneys Dallas has an anthracite work with GGH
  12. I recently got a day and I love the style, but if it's not what you truly want, hold off until you find exactly what you are looking for. The bag is gorgeous though!!
  13. It's gorgeous and I love the Day, but if it's not exactly what you want, return it and keep on hunting for the one you want.
  14. a keeper for sure!!!
  15. If your not quite sure then don't keep. For bbags, it really should be a wow factor that you MUST have it with no doubts whatsoever. These cost too much to not be sure.