Should I keep this Alma BB?

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  1. So I was at LV last Friday only looking to buy a strap for my Eden so that I could wear her cross body. My SA ignored my protests and took out some of the new colors that had just arrived that morning. My eyes fell upon this cutie pie abd out came my credit card faster than the eye could see!
    Well, now I am having second thoughts about this color. I am a 45 year old gal who is pretty well- preserved but I don't know if I should be carrying such a 'young' color. What do you kind tpfers think? Should I return it and get another bag? I am thinking maybe a fascinate in infini or grenat or epi monceau.

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  2. I think it's absolutely stunning but if you're having second thoughts already then return it. After all, it isn't as though you have been lusting over it for a while... It was just an impulse purchase. Exchange :smile:
  3. Oops the color is pretty and I am thinking of getting it too... Plus I am over 40 heeee
  4. Oh, but no I forgot to say, I don't think it's 'young' as such. It's very feminine and pretty, but suitable for all ages IMO :smile:
  5. Do what your heart tells! If you love the bag, keep it and don't give a second thought for the color to be too "young". First, you are not old, and second, there are not any rules about what colors you should or should not wear in a certain age. Judging is always in somebody's eye only, and different people have different opinions. You can never please everyone, so the most important thing is to please yourself :smile:
  6. Doesn't look like a young color that much IMHO ��
  7. It's not a young color .. I could be 60 and carry this to a wedding .. it's very nice. I'd only return it if the bag is unsuitable for your lifestyle, not because of the color
  8. It's a gorgeous color
  9. Definitely not a young colour, I'm 23 and i think it's gorgeous, but i could see my grandma who was 91 wearing that colour. I would keep it, but if you are not in love with it, just return :smile:
  10. If you think you'll wear it, keep it! It's beautiful and I wouldn't describe the color as young.
  11. Gorgeous colour, I think if you like it you should keep it
  12. if YOU like it - keep it! it's a color for all ages and you are still young!!😜 but if the color really bothers you - exchange...😊
  13. It's not an age's an "are you really going to use it thing":smile: If you aren't totally sure, take it back and get something that you LOVE!
  14. I don't really get the differentiation between young and old colours. I mean WTH… If you love it, then keep it. If you were talking about a mini skirt then yeah, maybe it wouldn't be age inappropriate.
  15. I say go with your first love. I think its a beautiful bag and Im sure it looks great on you (mod shots?), I agree with DOVELV, if your not going to use it, exchange it for something else. If your going to carry it, CARRY IT with style, grace and a spring time smile! Colors aren't age restricted IMO.