Should I keep this Ali bag?

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  1. I found this Ali bag at Macy's this week. The SA said it had been in the storage room for a long time, she thought another SA was holding it to buy it. She finally asked someone about it & they said it was missing a strap, but it only came with one strap so they put it out on the sales floor. It didn't have the dust bag & the bottom of the inside liner has some pen marks. The bag still has the tags on it. It was orginal $268 & I got it for $69 & that includes tax. Should I keep it eventhough it has the pen marks?
    [​IMG]pic from e-bay. Thank if it's yours.
  2. I would keep it. It's cute and you got a great deal.
  3. For $69 I would definitely keep it! She'll make a super cute summer purse~:smile:
  4. Oooooh, give it to me. Just kidding! Great deal you've got there. Definitely keep it.
  5. I would absolutely keep it! That is a great deal!! I love it! I really have to check out these deals everyone seems to be getting at Macy's and Dillards!
  6. You could probably get the ink marks out. I used Grandma's Secret Spot Remover to get ink and makeup out of the lining of one of my bags. You can find that stuff near the check out at places like Joann's, Hancock Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby. It works great! Good luck ^^
  7. I like this purse! Keep it!
  8. I would say keep it for sure at that price!
  9. you got a major steal, i say keep it!
    you could also try hairspray to get the ink out of the lining, it's great for removing pen marks
  10. I would keep it! It is a neutral color so it won't be hard to wear and you got such a great deal.
  11. That's a total steal, I vote keep!
  12. It is a great price but I am not a fan of the purse
  13. I say keep it and for the price you done great
  14. Definitely keep it!!
  15. Seems like a keeper to me...nice and neutral! I love this Ali hobo, I have the leather one and it has such a nice slouch once you fill her up!! :smile: