Should I Keep These?

  1. I ordered a few pairs of shoes, and now that they are here, I'm debating whether to keep them. I'm not sure whether they look good on my feet and would welcome any feedbck and impressions!

    Mary Janes: I'm not sure the pointy toe looks good on my feet and I'm not too wild about the color. Funnily enough, the color looks a lot better in the photograph!

    Leopard pump vs heel: They are both pretty comfortable, but I think I should limit myself to one pair. Which one do you like better?


  2. I really REALLY like the leopard heel, I think is the last one on the pictures, :drool:, to be honest the other ones are just not me.
  3. i like the open-toe leopard pumps...very cute!

    i think the pointy-toe mary janes could be cute, but they don't look right with those jeans. i'd have to see them in a different light.
  4. I love all three of them! If you need to limit to just one pair I would go with your gut and pick the ones you love the most. Good luck!
  5. This is tough! I like the Mary Jane, but I can see what you mean about the color. Nudes can be tough. I'm not crazy about the side view, but I love the aerial!

    Re the leopards, you definitely should only keep one! I have a bit of a problem with leopard shoes, and even I would only keep one style of those. In what may be the least helpful opinion ever, I like the open-toed ones from the side view and the closed-toe on the aerial.

    I'd rank them: #1, the Mary Jane; #2, the closed-toe leopard and #3 the open-toed leopard. That said, it really doesn't sound like you *love* any of them, so you might consider returning ALL of them and waiting for a pair you really love.
  6. Don't like the mary janes, but the leopords are really cute! Hard to decide between the two leopords, but if i had to choose one, I would choose the open toe ones. =)
  7. I would definitely keep the peep-toe Leopards and send the others back.
  8. I think the kitten heel leopards are nicest, not loving the first pair and from the sound of it neither are you so best to return them
  9. I'm not crazy about the first pair, but I like both of the leopard print ones! Tough decision between the two...I might pick the first one because I like the bow, but I like the leopard print on the open toe ones better. Sorry, that probably wasn't much help!
  10. Hi sakura,
    just my twocents... keep both the leopard, they looks beautiful on you. You can use them for different occasion and on different length of hem (pants or skirts). :tup: As for the nude/ tan pointy pump, you may want to refund if you have to ..
  11. Good choices! Me, I'd only keep the cute leopard open-toe heels. I don't wear that much leopard print, so I wouldn't find much use for 2 pairs.

    For the MJs, I don't like that color very much either, and as the mantra goes here at TPF, if you're unsure now, you probably won't love them later :smile:
  12. Loving those leopard peep toes :tup:
  13. Are the pointy-toed leopard ones Stuart Weitzman? I have them if they are and I really like them.
  14. I love both the leopard. Really cute!
  15. I like the leopard open toe....they're very cute!