Should I keep these two bags? Opinions appreciated!

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What should I keep?

  1. Burgundy Camera Case

    25 vote(s)
  2. Tri-color Classic Flap

    6 vote(s)
  3. Neither

    12 vote(s)
  4. Both

    3 vote(s)
  1. I've been going on a craze bought two Chanel bags preloved, they both arrived yesterday! I've been musing over whether I want to keep them. :confused1:

    The first bag is a burgundy / wine GHW camera case, it's 21 series from 2015-2016 I believe, the red color is stunning and looks darker in photos than as is. It's got a crossbody strap and feet on the bottom (was pleasantly surprised to discover the feet).

    Second bag is a medium-large RHW classic flap from the Paris-Edinburgh collection (2013?), and is tricolor. The flap is a dark burgundy (just a bit darker than the camera case, hard to see, color is off in the photos and the photos make the bag look so dead! haha!), much of the bag is dark grey, and the base is dark navy as is the tab behind the CC logo. I'm not usually drawn to bags with different colors because they look busy, but this one somehow doesn't seem too busy to me (I could be wrong, please give me your opinions!), and I wear a lot of all black.

    Both bags are different than others in my collection and seem to be easy to wear; my other Chanel bags (and 90% my other brand bags) are ALL black and my one and only medium classic flap is a much much lighter grey. They're both almost the same size and fit almost the same amount of items.

    Because they're both pre-loved, I would want to send both off to Leather Spa, which I assume would set me back about $300-400 each anyway and was already expecting this when I ordered, so money isn't the big object here since they both set me back some but the prices were very reasonable imo.

    Any opinions on which I should keep? Both, or neither, or one of them? My boyfriend doesn't like the CF, he says it looks "extremely strange" but I've never trusted his taste :P Sorry for my essay Im having such a dilemma!!

    IMG_3293.jpg IMG_3294.jpg IMG_3306.JPG IMG_3321.JPG
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  2. What made you have the thought of returning them? Is it the size, color, wear and tear (or others)?

    How would you foresee yourself using these bags? Eg. Bringing them out on dates, to the supermarket, daily casual use?

    And last question, does it spark joy?

    Edit: my opinion: i love the first bag and i think the burgundy looks great! Whereas the multi colored flap color combination isnt something that would spark joy for me.
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  3. Thanks for replying! Thoughts of returning mostly come from owning too many bags, I guess; ideally I like all my bags to fit on one shelf but right now there are too many, so I’m trying to be more minimal. So, adding two at once isn’t very minimal at all! But you’ve made a good point, I should really be evaluating my WHOLE collection.

    These are both casual bags to me. The classic flap is a very casual combination with the RHW and although it is lambskin, the colors make it look more distressed already and I don’t see myself babying it or using it as a “being careful” type of bag— and the price point was extremely good.

    It’s 6 AM and I normally sleep until WAY later but I’ve woken up from the excitement of my new bags (yikes!) so I’d say, absolutely, both bags spark joy.
  4. Gorgeous bags and incredible finds. How about keeping one instead of two? Personally I would go for the GHW camera bag but I would be interested to know your choice.
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  5. A vote for the camera bag as it is a perfect everyday bag with the zipper opening.
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  6. I prefer the camera bag too. The Cross body strap, feet and colour seems to tick the most boxes that I would want in a bag. But then again I agree on what sparks joy to you the most is the one you should choose.
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  7. I vote for the camera bag as a keeper too!
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  8. Camera bag because it screams: vintage! Even though you intend for it to be casual, I think you can dress it up to be elegant as well.

    I do like the classic too; I don't think it's strange at all, it's very unique and the quality looks excellent! Since you have other classic / flap bags already though, I don't think this would add variation in your collection.
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  9. Another vote for the camera bag! Love the color and the functionality
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  10. Normally I'm a flap devotee, but I love the camera bag! Not crazy about the colors on the flap.
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  11. Yes I love a vintage-looking bag.
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  12. Me too! I love the flap but I think this colour way is not my personal taste.
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  13. I'd keep camera bag for functionally but to be honest I'm not a fun of the leather CC logo on it....
    I usually love any classic flap in lambskin but not a fan of this two tone colored flap. I remember this design at Chanel store in person and wasn't into it. However if you are happy and your heart sparks, that is all the matters GL! :smile:
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  14. I prefer the camera bag...
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  15. If you can afford it, keep both. I think they are both nice.
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