Should I keep these BVs?

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  1. So, I'm about to post these on eBay but am having second thoughts. They're real croc and lizard sandals and were ~1K. But, if I haven't worn them yet and am having doubts, they should be sold, right?
    bottega veneta shoes.jpg
  2. Mich - I think those are adorable. I would keep them.
    How long have you had them? If you have owned them for over a year and don't see yourself wearing them next season, then I think you should sell them and put the money towards something you love.

    Do you mind if I ask why you bought them initially? What attracted you to them?
    My only comment about selling on eBay is that since BV is not an exploited brand like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, etc then I am not sure if you will get a lot of momentum. Just my opinion. With eBay, you never know. Someone might be looking for that shoe right now!
  3. Thanks Kamilla, I have only had them a few months and I liked them because of the unique design, but since I haven't even thought of wearing them and I'm posting other stuff on ebay tonight, I thought maybe I'd throw them up. Plus, they're ever so slightly tight. I do worry that BV may be too under the radar, though!
  4. Mich, they are lovely!

    But I would also be concerned about how much interest BV garners on eBay. Perhaps put a reserve on them and see? If you really don't think you'd wear them, no matter how lovely they are, they'll just sit in your closet, yah? I always tell myself that when I edit my bag collection to motivate myself to sell.

    Good luck!
  5. BV shoes don't get the attention that the bags do on eBay, unfortunately. I agree with putting a reserve on your listing. Good luck! They are really pretty.
  6. thanks ladies - I'm going to think about it for a bit more but posted my other definite sells up on eBay already. I suppose I can always list it in a few weeks. I'm just usually lazy and only sell things a couple of times a year :smile:
  7. I say keep them!
    At least for now....if you still have the same feelings for them around spring time, put them up on ebay. Right now you might not get as much for them as you would around spring in my opinion. Im having trouble selling a pair of Gucci spring/summer guessing they will probably sell better when its time to wear them again. Just a thought!
    But they are very pretty!