Should I keep these boots? *pics*

  1. Hi guys, I've been MIA in a while...haven't even had too much time to surf due to the planning of a wedding. anyway, back on topic...

    With the stress of planning, I've decided to relieve it by shopping...haha. Yesterday, I found these Prada platform boots that are from last season(I think?) for an AMAZING deal. :nuts: I was looking for flat boots...but couldn't pass on these! What do you guys think? The only thing I'm not sure about is what would I wear this with, since it's just calf length...totally clueless in that area.

    Check out the pics....I posted - with something short, with jeans over it, and also the inside(LOVE the gold interior).

    Let me know what you guys think!
    DSC00974.JPG DSC00993.JPG DSC00994.JPG DSC00989.JPG
  2. They are lovely!!! as for what you'd wear them idea!
  3. I don't like them with jeans that are wide legged.

    Maybe you should try the pencil leg jean.

    They are cute...but I don't know if I would keep them if they dont work with my outfits.
  4. they are cute! i would keep them! i love prada shoes, mine have lasted me ages. i would wear them with skinny/straight-legged jeans and maybe even cropped trousers as long as the hem of the pants falls below the start of the boot so there's no skin showing.
  5. keep them!! :nuts:
    i have been looking for these for ages. congratulation to your new shoes!
  6. Those are hot girl! Keep em!
  7. [​IMG] Her boots are a lil shorter but maybe this could give you an idea? Hope this helps
  8. they look really nice under the jeans...
  9. Thanks all!

    ooooo, i'll totally try it with skinnier jeans. Thanks for the pic for reference! I only have straight legged jeans, no skinnies...I'll try to take a pic of that later and have you guys see if it's better. =)

    whiteorleader, maybe try calling Nordies to see if they have any left? I got them from Nordies.
  10. yes, one million times! Keep them absolutely! They're adorable?

    How much did you pay?
  11. love them .. they are great!
  12. It was originally $650, and I paid $199 + tax!!!
  13. i really like them. i think they are keepers.
  14. so jealous, definitely keep them.

    you can wear them like you have them, with less wide jeans. or my favorite would be with jeans cuffed up, just above the ankle.
  15. keep them! they color and style are great.
    My Nordstrom doesn't have ANY premier brands, which sucks :yucky: