Should I keep these bags??

  1. I got my caviar off white jumbo with bijou chain and red lambskin timeless clutch today. The jumbo came with a wrong box and no dustbag, it did came with a correct authenticity card. The inside was dusty and had a few stains. The clutch came with dustbag and authenticity card but no box. It was not stuffed and looked almost flat. I specifically ask for a fresh one when ordered and the SA promised that I will get a brand new one. I brought my purchases to the store so my SA could check for herself. Her attitude was terrible! She said people never complain about small stuffs like that. She never got this problem before. She said it's brand new and that NM and Chanel would never sell a used bag. I ask her to do an exchange, she said the jumbo is the last one and the clutch she only have one display. This is the first time I ordered from NM so I don't know what to expect. When I bought something at the boutique it always come perfectly and nicely wrap. NM made me think of buying from an outlet. Am I too demanding? Should I keep the bags or return them?
  2. You are not demanding, and YES NM does do crap like this. I don't consider these issues "small stuff". I would return them both, because you are not happy.

    I ordered an brown caviar flap from NM. I asked the Sa to make sure it had an auth card, a price tag, and a box that matched. She said yes, the bag would come with all that. Well, the authenticity card did NOT match with the numbers inside the bag, the price tag had the price cut off at the bottom and tht item number cut off at the top, and the box said it was a black bag, and someone crossed out black and hand wrote in brown. I couldn't believe it, I was so disgusted. The sale was a failure of every level.

    I returned the bag to my local NM (my NM does not sell Chanel), and they refunded me on the bag and the shipping. It was an awful experience. Sorry for my OT rant. But I want you to know these things DO happen, and they are not small offenses. If I am not 100% pleased with the item and everything that should accompany it, then I complain and it goes back. DO NOT feel bad, for the price you pay it must be the way you want it. I'm sorry this happened to you, believe me, I know how it feels.
  3. return them both and try to get it at the boutique or Saks! that's terrible that they did that to you and you should not have to pay upwards of 3k for a used dusty bag, which i suspect was probably a display and they just put it in a box and say its new! good luck! oh and DD101 sorry that happened to you! im glad you returned it!!!
  4. DD101, I'm sorry this happened to you too!

    lilwickitwitch, unfortunately the boutique and Saks do not have these 2 bags.

    The boutique is always my first choice and I just learned to order from Saks to save tax. Too bad with NM because I think they have a better selection. This experience made me feel uneasy, I decide to return both the bags.
  5. What is up with rude SAs!
    If you're not happy with them, return them. Seriously...if you're spending $3000 on bags, they should be flawless!
  6. ^^ I totally agree with mpark46!!

    I have yet to purchase a Chanel item from NM but am shocked that they would sell stained merchandise, mix up authenticity cards (WTF?), or deface the label on the box. That's just wrong. It's the kind of thing you might expect from a lesser store but not from a high-end, luxury retailer. :nogood:
  7. ahh kasmom, that is so sad. The white being dusty is unacceptable imo, its a very expensive bag. How did you feel when you opened them tho, were you blown away by how nice they were (without the little niggles obviously). If the answer is yes, then I really hope you find them at another store soon (I see you are planning to return them, and I dont blame you at all )
  8. oh i would return em if i were u...
    there's nothing like a bad service, they pissed me off so much!
  9. I can't stand NM. They rarely get things right. Definitely return your items and purchase them from some place that takes their merchandise seriously. The Chanel boutiques and Saks are far better with the small touches - but these things do make a purchase more enjoyable. Especially when you are spending thousands of dollars.
  10. I am disgusted after hearing all this. You are not being demanding AT ALL. You pay for the bag & their service. The SA was rude & I would complain to her manager about her rude attitude. Return everything! I am sure you can find a PERFECT one somewhere. :smile: Good luck!
  11. these 'small stuff' would bother me as well! you made the right choice!
  12. sorry to hear about what you had to go through, i too think you should return and get it elsewhere!
  13. Sorry to hear that happened to you kasmom and DD101. Believe me, some people are even more demanding than you (i.e. ME :shame:smile:.

    Has anyone had any similarly bad experiences from Saks?? I usually buy mine in person from the boutique here in Toronto, but had to order the GST over the phone from the Saks in San Antonio. They told me it was "brand new" too. I really hope the same thing doesn't happen to me! Unlike you ladies, I don't have the luxury of going to a Saks unless I cross the border...which means a 4hr drive, and possibly NO (new) GST :shocked:
  14. Thanks everyone! Tomorrow I will return the bags, I don't need this kind of treatment when I spend this much.

    Chloe-babe, the bijou chain jumbo is definitely a WOW bag! The clutch, I can live without.

    cha-ching, I also got my Saks order this morning, everything is perfect! I ordered through Damian.
  15. i think it's crap that they told you that you got the last off white jumbo bijoux - bec. I know for a fact that NM tampa has 2 as of 3 pm today!
    There was no need for the SA's attitude. SA's don't realize that their line of work is that of 'customer service' and guess what, you are there to... provide good service to the customer.:yes:

    ... most SA's just want the sale NOW, not realizing that a bad dealing today means no business in the future, which means no commission. :idea: LOL!

    end of rant. :cursing:

    i still think you should get the off white with bijoux chain jumbo:heart:. it's a beautiful bag - don't let ONE SA get to you.