Should I keep them or Should I return them?

  1. I bought these shoes yesterday at NM last call, although they are very nice and comfortable (great price too) I'm afraid they are not versatile enough. Please help. YSL Polka-dot "Lolita" Sandals
    Additionally, What kind of outfit and color would you wear with this shoes? What handbag?
    ysl_s.jpg YSL_Shoes.jpg
  2. Ohhh... I always loved these and wanted them so I would definitely keep them!! I think they would look great with all black or jeans and a white or black shirt etc.
  3. OMG! Keep them! I love them so much!!! You can wear them w/ Jeans, Jean skirts, white pants, black skirt. They could go w/ so many outfits. Black hobo would go great w/ them!
  4. You should keep them! Of course I say that because the nice people on this board helped to convince me to keep my shoes. I am always up for enabling :p .
  5. Very sexy!!! I would for sure keep them!
  6. Keep them or sell them to me!! Nooowww! hehe
  7. Darling! I'd wear them with jeans or a black miniskirt
  8. i would wear these with anything. very pretty. can i ask how much?
  9. I, like everyone else, vote that you should keep them!

    They're very much in style, and other designers like Choo and Chloe are doing similar styled shoes for spring and summer. I think you can wear them with just about anything. If you look on NAP, they have paired a similar pair of gold Jimmy Choo sandals with some great dresses and skirts -- it's a great way to get some ideas.
  10. $135:p
  11. They look really nice. I say you keep them. I would recommend wearing them with jeans and a nice black bag in the style of a Chloe paddington maybe?
  12. definitely keep them!!
    you can wear thwm with jeans and a shirt or a simple t-shirt or a dress in white or black....personally i'd even add a punch of red....they are truly versatile!
  13. Especially w/ that kind of bargain you HAVE TO Keep them! Enjoy~!
  14. OMG...what a DEAL...they are soooooooooo CUTE. Congrats on the gorgeous find!!! KEEP them for sure!!!
  15. If you like them, keep them. They'll spice up jeans and black or white slacks or short skirts. You may not wear them tons and tons, but that's okay. Shoes that unique are meant to be worn only now and again (IMO).