should i keep the white MC pouchette or not?

  1. i was discussing about the silk print color will be robbing off after normal wear yesterday,

    i don't know whether i should keep MC or not, please help?

    how about your lady's MC's condition? all the flowers or letter will be off after long time carrying, like how long? or just a little color will be off?:confused1:
  2. I just received my used White MC Pochette from Let-Trade and I love it. It has very minor rub off on two flowers but you would never notice it unless you closely examine it (and it was disclosed before my purchase). Mine is from 2003.

    I don't think there will ever be a time where all of the color will rub off, just minor rub off is possible in certain high traffic areas (like the corners). I still think mine looks great. I love White MC so to me it is worth taking the risk. I think you should keep yours!
  3. my mc speedy in black only has minor rub offs around the corners and i've had it for over 3 years now!!

    my mc pochette in white doesn't seem to have any rub off, it's about 2 years old

    not to mention my 4 month-old priscilla in white....not a scratch on her!!

    i don't think rub offs is a big problem, it doesn't happen to me that bad, i guess it's because i'm careful with my bags and i rotate them regularly

    it only depends on how u use ur bag, if u use ur bag aggressively then maybe mc is not the best choice for u :smile:
  4. thanks
    i am going to keep it.
    will post pictures when it arrived
  5. Yeah, good decision!

    BTW, I just bought an extender for the Pochette today and it is awesome! I can now wear the bag over my shoulder even with a winter coat on and the gold hardware looks great with the White MC hardware. It was definitely pricey at $110 but I think it will let me wear the bag all year round now.