Should I keep the Trevi GM?

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  1. So I purchased the Trevi Pre-loved after having bad preloved experiences in the past! This transaction went well :smile: However i'm 50/50 about keeping it! I really love the Trevi,but I feel like I may not use it as often as my other bags. I feel like it's so beautiful, but I don't want to just have it sit around to look at. I paid around $2,000 so should I keep it?
  2. It's a pretty bag, but personally I feel like that's a high price to pay for a canvas bag. I'd rather spend $1,000 more to get a empreinte bag.... But that's just my opinion.
  3. I know... I love Empreinte but, theres none that really catch my eye at the moment. I guess I could always get the money back and save it until something else comes along. I have a few days left to decide. Thanks so much for your opinion it's very much appreciated!
  4. May I ask why you think you won't carry it? You wanted it enough to dip your toes back in the "pre-loved" waters even after bad experiences in the past. Was just wondering what changed, if anything?
  5. Ikr... I wanted to get something nice for myself for my Birthday thats coming up + I've really wanting another Damier bag since I sold my Saleya GM (Regretted it). So I'm afraid I might regret taking the Trevi back, but I might also regret keep it and not carrying it often... i'm Sooooo Confused!
    - I don't know if i'd carry it much because its big/beautiful which I love and I want to be fab!!! lol...I'm just so casual/low key or conserative!
  6. +1
  7. I've like the Trevi and thought it was a good deal since this size had been discontinued... I did think long and hard about it and even took a drive to get it so I definitely wouldn't call it an impulse buy. There's just that little shred of doubt that this isn't the right bag for me I guess.
  8. I love my Trevi GM. Infact I've decided to sell off half my collection which includes all my azur and ebene pieces EXCEPT my Trevi - I couldn't bear to part with it
  9. Sounds like a keeper! Have you had any issues with wear on the piping?
  10. I love my Trevi which is a pm though. If it makes you feel better , I carry her to Target with Nike's on and yoga pants I think because its a canvas bag , you can get away with it much more dressing down. My lifestyle is super casual. I have dressier purses for when i need to use them. Its a gorgeous bag but you have to love it and be happy. Maybe carry her around the house, try on some different outfits,...see how you feel? If its not love , then return if you can. gl :smile:
  11. No issues, that bag is made like a tank - to last!

    The best "compliment" I ever got was from a co-worker who was at a desk behind me and when I opened my bag all he heard was the zipper opening and closing and asked me why I had my luggage at work because of the sound he heard from the zipper. I told him that sound wasn't from luggage but the zipper on my purse and he said the purse "sounded" well made since they didn't use a flimsy zipper lol
  12. Yes, you actually made me feel much better and I'm going to take your advice... I should know by the end of today... But am kind of leaning towards keeping it!!! Thanks so much!
  13. You are very welcome!!! Let me know how it goes and what you decide .? :smile:
  14. I love how well made it is... I especially love the thick hardware and the Alacantra lining... I guess the more and more I think about it, I really love this bag. I love its pleats and the well made zipper!!! Sounds Like she's a keeper!!! Thanks so Much!!!
  15. Will do!!!