Should I keep the Speedy?


Keep the speedy?

  1. Yes!

  2. No, no, get something else

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  1. I'd like a collection with a little more diversity and color, but I'm not successful yet.:s They look different for the most part, but still...I'm undecided. I'm waitlisted for the Azur Sporty bag, but leaning towards the Azur Saleya MM because I need a different shape. Thoughts, anyone?

  2. if you can afford the saleya without selling or returning the speedy buy it
    but if not .... mmmm is really har to advice I don't think they look similar I mean the rivet is very fresh and trendy
    the speedy is THE SPEEDY hehehe classic and more classic
  3. Keep the speedy! It's so classic. You may not want to bring the riveting bag everywhere with you, so then you'll have the speedy.
  4. I would keep the speedy
  5. I could never get rid of my Speedy! It's a classic!
  6. Speedy is a brilliant bag, a keeper for sure!
  7. Go and get your Saleya MM!
  8. Speedy is so classic and I love the way it carries. Keep it!
  9. I would keep the speedy!
  10. I would keep it
  11. I know what you mean. I've only carried the riveting once and it really got noticed. People were either fascinated or repulsed by it:p. My DH was one of the latter. He looked stunned:wtf: when he saw the riveting in his car. LOL. If only he knew....
  12. Get your Saleya!!!
  13. I could never give up my speedy! Both are gorgeous though.
  14. Keep the speedy! It's beautiful!
  15. The speedy is sooooooooooooo classic... :yes: