Should I keep the Medium/Large Flap or exchange it for the East West Flap?

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  1. Okay so here's the deal. I got the Medallion in black with the gold h/w about a month ago. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I have been using it day and night. My mother has the GST and just bought the Jumbo. She lets me borrow her bags, (as long as I return them in a timely manner hehe). But I was just thinking how I really wanted my OWN Classic Flap before the price increase. Being she has a Jumbo and I can use it, I really wanted a small flap. Also, I have the Medallion which is big so I want a small flap for night time.

    I went today to Neiman Marcus and I wanted to get the E/W because for $1395 I feel it can give the look I want and it's perfect for night. Unfortunately they were completely sold out of them except for the one on the floor and the condition was terrible. I like my bags to come from the back and be all perfectly wrapped up :p. So I couldn't get it and at the last moment I took home the Medium/Large flap.

    I am so confused which one I should choose though. Honestly I do think the Medium/Large looks better on and I like that you can make the chain longer, but the E/W fits just about the same amount, if not a tad more, and it's $600 cheaper!!!! Do you think the E/W is more bang for the buck? The Medium/Large is $1995 (still) which is only like $250 less than the Jumbo. I keep thinking that for that little amount more I could get my own Jumbo!

    What are your opinions? Do you think I should get the E/W or keep the Medium/Large? I just don't know if it's worth $2k!!! I can hardly fit anything in it :nogood: It's soooo cute though! Help help!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. i have the medium/large and am now wanting a jumbo so bad... and after i get the jumbo i think i want the east west! but i like the east west with the new chain since you can wear it different ways... the good thing abt the east west is u can use it as a clutch too!

    it sounds like you prefer the east west over the medium, i agree that the medium doesnt fit as much (i also get annoyed with the double flaps!)... and when buying a bag you should be excited and LOVE the bag, go an try on the east west then decide, these bags arent cheap either so u gotta love it!!
  3. I had the opposite problem. Bought the e/w and ended up exchanging for the med/large. I prefer the med/large because you're getting more for your money - double chain, double flap, more leather. The e/w is more of an evening bag looks-wise whereas the med/large is good for day AND night and looks more substantial. However, if you end up keeping the med/large, I would exchange for the jumbo because it sounds like that's what you really want and if you are going to be paying a lot anyway, you might as well spend another $250 to get a larger bag.
  4. Well if my mother has a Jumbo and I can borrow it, I don't REALLY need one too. But yeah that's the problem I am facing cuz the Medium/Large is soooo much more pricey than the E/W. Any other opinions?
  5. I got the med/large flap over the e/w because I liked the shape better, plus it is such a classic. I figured I could spend $1395 on a bag I liked, or "only" another $600 on a bag I loved. I didn't go for the jumbo since I don't like how it looks on me.

    Once you're spending all this money on a bag, you can always talk yourself into spending "just a little bit more" for the next size or whatnot, so you should just buy what you really want!
  6. I think you should keep the med/large it's so classy and more elaborated than the e/w and the jumbo! it will keep its shape for the years to come and yet it can be dressed up and down fitting in any occassion !
    Plus that you got it before the increase -you will be able to get an e/w more easily later than a med'flap! and IMO it's the shape every Chanel flap lover ought to have!:smile:
  7. i think you should keep the medium flap as well.
  8. What is the difference between the classic and the east west? Can someone pls post comparison pics?
  9. I took home the East/West today from another store to compare both bags. I will be posting pictures in a few min. :smile:
  10. ^^ oh yay pics - i've always liked the classic better than the e/w
  11. I have the jumbo flap and it is my favorite bag ever. Honestly, I don't think the EW is really "bang for your buck"... at least not what I'd think of when I think of that term. Don't get me wrong, I like the EW but I would never choose it over my jumbo.

    Like anything, it's a personal preference but for my and my style, the jumbo is perfect. It is the one bag I can honestly say I would even buy AFTER the price increase if they had another great color I wanted. I love it that much.