Should I keep the Manhattan GM?

  1. Hi Everyone:

    My husband got me the Manhattan GM which he liked better than the Tivoli GM however I am not sure I should keep it or get something else. My sister thinks I should invest in a piece of jewelry rather than this I really need some advice.

  2. idk but id love a manhattan! but then again this is a purse addict speaking:queen:

    what do you like?
  3. IMO investing in a good, classic bag is the same as investing in jewelry. I still carry the Gucci I bought 20 years ago...I had my 12 year old wedding rings reset because the setting was dated...

    It's all about personal preference. If you love the bag, keep it...if you'll feel guilty, regret not getting jewelry go that way.
  4. I love the Manhattan GM! If my DH were to give this to me I definitely would keep it --- for course, I have this on my wishlist, though, so I am definitely biased. If you love this bag, by all means keep it especially since your thoughtful and generous husband gave it to you. Best wishes!
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the Manhattan GM; I much prefer the PM or the Tivoli GM. But if you LOVE it, then keep it!
  6. I like the Tivoli GM too although I have never seen it in person...would you pick the Tivoli GM over tha Manhattan GM?
  7. Manhattan GM has become one of LV's Icon bag, a bit formal than Tivoli GM. But I personally like to Tivoli GM as it's easier to use-adjustable straps, vachetta free bottom, no buggin middle strap over the zipper, shoulder/handheld covertable. I'm sure Tivoli GM will become another Icon of LV over time :yes:

    In the end, what matters the most is how YOU feel! :flowers:
  8. If you like the bag and will use it you should keep it. Just because your sister thinks you should get jewelry doesn't mean its the right thing for you. A classic bag is a great thing to have
  9. I DREAM of the Manhattan! If it were me..I'd hold on tight to seems to really hold its value..
  10. I'd keep the Manhattan!
  11. I'd keep the Manhattan GM. It's truely a gorgeous and stunning bag!
  12. I'm here speaking as a true purse addict and I say KEEP the Manhattan. It's a gorgeous bag and has become a LV icon.
  13. The Manhattan was the first Louis Vuitton I really had a "love at first sight" feeling towards, heh. Still lusting.. :girlsigh:

    That said, I'd keep it. But I guess that's no surprise, tPF is a 2nd home to thousands of purse addicts. Haha. :p

    Although, if you are having second thoughts, maybe it isn't THE purse for you. But if you are only having second thoughts because of what your sister said, then you shouldn't let that sway your choice. After all, you'll be the one wearing the purse (or jewelry, whichever you prefer) so it's all up to you.! :tup:
  14. If you are not totally in love with the bag don't keep it.
  15. The Manhattan GM is lovely and quite popular- it's my SA's favorite bag for personal use. However it can get rather heavy and there's also quite a bit of vachetta to worry about. Ultimately keep it only if you love it and think you'll use it- otherwise I'd get something you do love and will use.