Should I keep the GM Reporter?

  1. I just got a GM Reporter from Elux and wanted to hear from any of you if you like the bag (I was going to use it when I travel). I would love to get any feedback! :flowers:
  2. yes, just looking at it oneLux, I love this bag. (I like anyhting with GM at the end of it).

    I think this is a great bag for life - travel, work, errands. If you don't already have something like it - keep it !

    So nice...:

  3. I really like the rounded edges and the vachetta strip across the bag. You should keep it!
  4. Yes! I love all reporters- I saw a gorgeous Damier one a few days ago in the boutique :love:
  5. it looks great IMO
  6. love it congrats
  7. I'd keep it - looks pretty user friendly.:flowers:
  8. I love it! It´s classy and understated
  9. I like it!
  10. It is a good back. Very functional. Great with jeans.
  11. I have it and I love holds the world and is super handy when traveling!

  12. It would be great for travelling.. I say keep it ;)
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