Should I keep the Gaucho?

  1. Hey ladies,

    I just recieved this bag (black double gaucho) from - I really like the look of the bag; but, am unsure if it looks right on me.

    I am hoping to get some HONEST (read: NO holds barred) opinions. I own my own business, so how I am dressed in the pics is me on a daily basis - jeans, and tees, tanks, and layered tees!

    I have also included for comarisons sake me with the Rebelle, which I LOVE, so that you can see me wearing a bag that I think truly "sutits" me.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions and time!!
    IMG_0157.jpg IMG_0159.jpg IMG_0162.jpg IMG_0163.jpg IMG_0164.jpg
  2. Hi Loganz!

    Hmmmm...this one is a toughie. I'd have to say I like the Rebelle a bit more on you, but it's probably because it's going better with your shirt (and also because it's "puffed up" compared to the Gaucho). The black Gaucho is to die for, and I think that once you fill the bag with goodies (which will help inflate it a bit) it will look as stunning as the Rebelle.

    EDIT: I guess I didn't really help.
  3. haha :p - well, you did help May - because in those pics the Gaucho is full of everything that was in the Rebelle.

    How does this alter your opinion, if at all?
  4. Oh my! You travel so lightly!!!

    I think I'd stick with the Rebelle then. Not that I don't like the Gaucho (I mean, I have the double saddle myself!), but the Rebelle matches you a lot more (at least considering how little stuff you put into your bag). However, if you're going for the "Whoa what bag is she carrying?!" look, then go with the Gaucho because it's unique!

    Your pictures of the Rebelle are really tempting me and there is one on eBay for $700 at the moment which is beckoning me to bid on it!!!!

  5. Oh if you can buy another bag right now then you should bid on it!! The rebelle is on it's way to becoming my favorite bag!! :yahoo:
  6. It's actually the "affording" factor, as I can't at the moment :sad:, unless the price were $600...then I'd be willing to go into a big debt (and sell my stuff to make up for it) because the price would be too irresistable!!

    Sigh...the more I look at your pic the more I want that Rebelle bag!!!
  7. ^ i second may's opinion about the gaucho looking a little "flat" and the rebelle being increasingly tempting from looking at your pictures.

    actually, without looking at pictures of the rebelle and comparing it to the rebelle, i thought the gaucho fitted nicely with your casual wardrobe. i think it adds a nice little "perk" to the outfits.

    if you don't particularly need to solely have 1 bag (between the gaucho & the rebelle), then i'd say, keep the gaucho. i think it looks great on you and the only "negative" point is that you probably need to put more things into that gaucho to make it look "fuller". otherwise i think it goes great with your wardrobe.
  8. I am a big fan of the gaucho. It's so unique. I, myself, like the way the medium looks more than the double. If you are not nuts about how the double looks I highly recommend you trying the medium before giving up on the gaucho. There is a significant difference between the two.
  9. I actually like the Gaucho on you more than the Rebelle. Mainly because the Rebelle looks so puffy and to me almost overstuffed, whereas the Gaucho looks more relaxed to me. I really think though that you should go with the bag that suits you the most. If you think the Rebelle works in that color, then maybe a different style and/or color for the Gaucho would work for you.
  10. I like the look of the Rebelle better than the Gaucho.

    The Gaucho is a great bag, though. Have you thought about trying a different size(or color) like Kat said?
  11. wow - thanks guys for all the responses.

    I actually really like the double saddle best! Part of what attracted me to the gaucho in black was that I wear a lot of black and brown and felt that this bag could work when I was wearing brown with black.

    Thanks again for all the opinions - it really is a great bag, and I am sure as it is worn it becomes more slouchy.

    I also take it as a sign that there are fewer Gauchos than most other handbags for sale on eBay; which tells me that these bags are keepers!! :smile:
  12. I'm voting for the Gaucho on this one. When I opened the photos of the Gaucho I was like ---> :nuts: Compared to the Rebelle, my impression was ---> :smile:

    Make sense? ;) The Gaucho looks great on you, really.
  13. I think it looks fantastic on you! I would keep it personally..but if you are iffy about it, perhaps there is a different purse you would love more.
  14. I like the Rebelle but as you say the Gaucho will go with brown & black. It is a fab bag, enjoy!
  15. Thanks guys!! :flowers:

    I really do appreciate the feedback!