Should I keep the City?

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  1. So here is the story...

    I bought a black city in January - it was my first BBag. I have since bought a truffle work (pretty much straight after). The thing is, I use the work everyday. I have barely touched the city - i just find it way too small. I love the shoulder strap, but I find with a book, wallet and cosmetic bag it is already too cramped, even before I try to put a cardi in there. It is a good size for the occassional weekend use, or for going out though.

    Should I sell it and get another work that I would get more daily use out of? Or should I keep it for weekends and going out? Or should I sell it and get a work (and maybe a small clutch for going out)
  2. I would sell it and get another work or just keep it for going out and get another color work.
  3. It's a big waste if you don't use it. Sell it and get a work that you will love, and more importantly, use!

    I wish you well,

  4. Sell it get another work in another colour that you will get some use out of. and as you said get a clutch for going out on the weekends.
  5. I agree - sell it. It's too expensive to just have sitting around :yes:
  6. You bought it in January, and we're almost in April and you're not really using it...sell, sell, sell and get something that is more appropriate for your needs. Another work would be great, plus a clutch (the oval clutches are awesome!), or even a first for going out.

    I always thought the cities were HUGE until I got one. It's still a good size for me, but I work from home. If I were going to an office and had to put more stuff in it, she couldn't handle it.

    That's one of the great things about Balenciaga -- all the fabulous leather and colors come in a wide variety of sizes so we can really tailor the bags to our lifestyles. Get what you need!
  7. Yep, sell it and get something that will bring you the most utility.
  8. I would sell it and keep the Work...or even get another Work!
  9. Sell it and get another work unless you think you'll start using it. But it sounds like the work suits you better.
  10. agree, sell it and get something you want. Balenciaga always has black so it's not as if once it's gone, you can't get another one later if you have a change of heart.

    get something you LOVE, not something you think you should have!:yes:

  11. :yes: totally agree. the black city is tdf though
  12. i would probably sell it and buy a work if it is too small. unless you want it as a collector's bag. because a black city is pretty classic.
  13. It sounds like you like the work style and it is more practical for you, so I'd get another work if I were you.
  14. Yeah sell it too me! I am sooo wanting to add a black city to the family.
  15. Sell the city and get another work. Black city bags are available every year.