should I keep the celine bittersweet

  1. I got my large celine bittersweet from NM sale. The price is amazing ($495 + tax). I like the leather and the weightless. And the price made me smile:yahoo:

    But! It is huge on me(I am only 5'3":crybaby: ) The second thing is that it is made in China. Well, it is fine if it is made in china , but NM website said it is made in italy, so I have higher expectation.:sweatdrop:

    Should I keep it? Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot in advance:heart:
  2. Sounds like you are genuinely excited.Good sign...I say keep it.It is a very pretty bag. If you want a more informed opinion, post pictures.
  3. I agree, post pics of you modeling it and we can advise better if it is too big.
  4. i also bought mine from the NM website at the same price, in Gunmetal. it's been sitting in the box it arrived in since February!

    i'm also 5'3" so yes, the bag does appear a bit big on me, unless i wear heels to complete the look, i think. as you mentioned, the bag itself is pretty, the leather and hardware are nice, and the price is unbeatable. i don't know why i just haven't worn it, maybe because i'm too lazy to dress up for the bag, lol.

    in any case, i hope you will keep yours so we can be 2 shorties (well not THAT short) who are bag twins, haha!! =P let us know what you decide.
  5. I say keep it as well!! You seem very excited about it! Go with your gut feeling.
  6. [​IMG]

    I just took the picture. Please ignore my outfit

  7. I think it looks FABULOUS on you!! It looks like a terrific bag & I say it's a KEEPER!!
  8. I think you should keep it!
  9. radishhb: It looks cute on you. I hope you keep it. I am waiting for one to be delivered tomorrow.

    Thanks to snowtire I got the great price too.

    And I'm even shorter than you girls. lol.

    Anyway, thanks for putting up the pic cause I liked it on the NM site but I coudn't really tell the size. Also I love the slouchy effect.
  10. Oh, I'd say keep it, for sure! It looks great on you!!
  11. keep it. I am 5'3 and I tried it on (more a Boogie type myself) but I love it. and it looks great on you. oversized bags is all the rage and you don't even have to get a XXXXL bag to work the look (;) Kwim?
  12. Ok, not to ruin all the encouragement (hate to do that) but honestly I think it looks too large for you. I just purchased the Chloe Silverado Hobo and will be replacing it because I felt it was way too large for me.
    I think it really is about how YOU feel carrying it. If it is awkward and it ends up sitting in your closet then there is no point keeping it- just my opinion.
    Best wishes on deciding.
  13. I don't think it's to big on you. I love it.
  14. It is a big bag, that's for sure. However, it looks "okay" on you, because we are all used to the big look.
    What you really have to decide, is how you feel carrying it. If it feels way to cumbersome, then return it. Doesn't matter how it looks, it matters how it feels. If you won't carry it because it is too big, then return it. I have a MJ Faridah that is just too hunky to carry -- and it sits in my closet.
    That said, I appreciate the foto of you with it, because now I won't buy the bag. When I see pix of the bag, it looks nice, but I never dreamed it was so enormous.
  15. I think it looks great but you have to be comfortable with it.For the next few days,why don't you plan what you are going to wear around your new bag.If your new bag does not make it out of the house with you,send it back.