Should I keep the Baggy PM?

  1. My blue baggy pm arrived today! I was so excited that I took the package to my car during my lunch break so I could open it without my nozy colleagues letting me know what they think of ostentatious LV. When I first unwrapped the bag, I thought, meh, it's okay, but I think I like the MC Trouville that Let-Trade currently has on their site (they didn't have the Trouville when I bought the denim baggy.) I still want my first :heart:, the MC speedy 30, but I am willing to wait until I save the money to meet my DH halfway, and can buy it from the boutique.

    Now that I have taken it home and tried the baggy pm on, I like it again. But I also like the MC Trouville because it looks so cute and I want to build up a massive collection like some of the other PF'ers. I emailed Let-Trade and asked if I could exchange the bags--if they let me, what should I do? Keeping both is not an option. :Push:

    Here are some pics with me and the baggy (sorry for the poor photo quality):
    baggy pm.jpg baGGYPM2.jpg baggypm3.jpg
  2. bag looks great :smile:
    I have this bag too and love it. May i suggest that you make the strap as long as you can. I found it worked better for me, perhaps that is an issue you have. I just found it to be too bulky under my arm, so i lengthened the strap.
  3. Good point. I haven't futzed with the strap yet--I just took the purse out of its wrapping and started taking pictures--but I will definitely lenthen the strap.
  4. With longer strap and no stuffing...
  5. I absolutely love my Baggy PM, but didn't like the strap length with that particular bag. I bought the longer strap for $120, and it gives me more flexibility. The thing I do NOT like about the denim is that it does show dirt, like any fabric item. Then the issue is-how to clean? I'm super-careful, but still this isn't like the mono canvas or epi where you can wipe any dust off. I keep my daily bag in closet, but don't cover it, so I can just grab and go. Since this bag is darned pricey, basically for fabric, the longevity of looking good is a big consideration IMHO. I'd buy again because I love the look, doesn't scream LV, and I do get lots of compliments. The two front pockets are pretty useless, except perhaps for small ring of keys or lipstick, but not big enough for my cell phone which I keep in the front zipped pocket. I use a pursekit to organize interior, and it is pretty roomy. Just my two cents.
  6. Yes, I like the longer strap and if I keep the bag, I am definitely going to invest in one. Can you wear the baggy as a cross-body bag with the long strap?

    How DO you clean the denim purses? I like canvas because it is easier to clean, with the exception of the multicolor line, but one would thing denim wouldn't be that difficult to clean? Can you take it to the cleaners?
  7. I really do love the bag..
    as for cleaning, I wouldn't take it to the cleaners. Most of the ones I've used are notorious for wrecking things. If it's really bad you should take it to LV and have them send it out for cleaning. Otherwise, you can clean surface dirt with some Folex carpet cleaner sprayed on a light colored towel and gently brush the surface with the towel.
  8. I think the Denim PM looks good on you and its definitely less seasonal than the Trouville.
  9. With my longer strap, I wear the Baggy across my body. I like it because my hands are completely free. I'm not sure I would want to use a carpet cleaner product on the denim. I guess a product could be tested on a small place on the bottom to check for colorfastness.
  10. wheeeeet wheeeew! so hot!;) that bag is stunning! you look great with it!:yes:
  11. i personally like this bag better than the trouville.
  12. I think the Baggy PM is soooo cute on you! I would keep it if I were you, it seems so useful and practical! I just bought the Mini Pleaty, so now I'm interested in buying a Baggy PM too. How much does it fit?
  13. oh, i think you look so good with the baggy pm :yes:
    i have the baggy gm and looooooooooove, i mean :heart: :heart: :heart: it! you rock the baggy pm and i say keep it!! :yahoo:
  14. jara- the Folex is much more gentle than other cleaners. I use it on everything from my bags to spots on clothing and I haven't had anything get ruined yet. But that's one reason you spray it on the towel instead of on the gets just the right amount to get off the surface dirt.
  15. Thanks for the compliments! The bag is fairly roomy, but I don't carry much around. I am able to fit my small cozy purse, cell phone, overstuffed make-up bag, small notebook, and one paperback book, into the purse. It is useful and practical, and I was leaning toward keeping it until my DH told me that the bag looked like toddler's jeans filled with poopiness.:yucky: