Should I keep Pomme Koala?

  1. I bought the Pomme koala because it seemed like it suited my needs best. (size, cc slots, place for bills, etc) But this was before I saw the French wallet IRL. It's so much smaller than I thought (which is a good thing for me), and supposedly there's more cc slots now. Also, as pretty as the clasp is on the koala, it's also kind of annoying to use. The french wallet seems to be able to hold more coins, and I always seem to end up with tons of change.

    Oh...I don't don't know what to do.:shrugs: I called my SA and they have the french pomme available, just incase.

    If anyone is using either, please let me know what you like/dislike about them, and what you suggest.

  2. I don't own them, but I prefer the style of the French over the Koala.
  3. I have the french wallet and really wanted the Koala LOL They hadn't gotten it in the store when I went to pick one out!

    The french wallet does hold quite a bit of change, and the kiss lock pocket in the back is big enough to stuff folded receipts in to if you're in a hurry. The only downfall in my opinion is that it only has 4 CC slots. It does have two more slots under the main CC area where i stuff my other cards, but it'd be nice to have more actual CC slots.

    If I had to choose between the two i'd say the french wallet is more functional and easier to handle. I can post some pics if you'd like, they'd be cell pictures right now though... i'm at work. :smile:
  4. I always like the French wallet but find the bills compartment too small if I have more bills. The Pomme Koala is so pretty, keep it!!
  5. I love the Venis French Purse, and I will get one later:yes:
  6. Yes! The Pomme is gorgeous and the koala clasp is just so cool!
  7. The clasp on the koala is gorgeous, but it doesn't open easily. Maybe it's just because I'm not use to it yet. :shrugs: I don't know.

    Jen~if you could post pics of the french wallet, that would be great. I'd love to see it filled. Looked great empty at the store, but hard to figure out if all your stuff will fit.
  8. I prefer french wallet.
  9. I too prefer the French wallet
  10. I prefer french purse too..but the Koala is pretty though.
  11. get what you prefer.. its ok if u made a mistake :smile:
  12. ok so just found out from my SA that only the mono and damier french wallets will get 8 cc slots instead of 4. Sadly, the vernis will not.:crybaby:
  13. i have a vernis koala, and i absolutely love it! i do know what you mean about the room for change it's a small o[ening, hey, good excuse to buy a cles perhaps? i personally lik ehte style of the koala better, but get what you love!
  14. I already did! :graucho: (pomme of course) I planned on using it for business cards, but it might not work as well as I hoped. Kinda tight even for a small stack without bending. I guess I could use it for coins, but I'd rather keep all of my money in one place.
  15. i heard the bill compartment in the French is small and hard to fit American money