Should I keep, or should they go [back]?

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  1. I just got my new Chloe flats (they were eligible for Saks friends and family discount, yay!), but they are a bit narrow for my feet, especially in the middle part. To be fair, I have super weird feet - extra wide with a narrow heel, and very flat with normal to high arches. They are large in both width and thickness.

    The shoes are beautiful, and don't seem to hurt my feet. The color is bright blue, and they are suede, so they will stretch a little. I am attaching photos of me wearing the shoes (the one with the big extra wide feet - the little extra wide feet belong to my daughter!), and also my old Chanel flats for comparison. They did not look odd to start with, but stretched quite a bit.

    Would you return them? IMG_2014_04_23_0185.jpg





  2. They are cute...
  3. I recently got a pair from Saks friends and family too!

    I've read that they are very comfortable and will stretch a tad bit to conform to your feet. So, do you like the way they look? Will you wear them if you keep them?
  4. I will definitely wear them if they are comfortable. Sometimes flats hurt the outside of my feet at the widest spot, and just would not stretch enough to be comfortable. They don't slide down the heel, which means no blisters.

    I am concerned about the sides of the shoes in the middle. They are very low, mostly, because my feet are so wide and flat (and the mid section of the sole is so narrow it's practically non-existent - 1.5" maybe on a good day). I am afraid the sides will start touching the ground, and that will wear them out in a flash.
  5. Suede will stretch out beautifully. The shoes look cute on you. I think you should keep them.
  6. Put them on today again, and decided to return :crybaby: Hurt mu feet a bit too much for my liking. To be fair, I put four pars of flats for sale on ebay just a couple weeks ago, all because they hurt my feet. Bye-bye beautiful shoes in gorgeous color, I will miss you...
  7. you can also take it to a shoe cobbler to stretch it and make it more comfy for you