Should I keep or should I sell?

  1. Morning gals,

    Question. I have an older Gucci leather bucket type bag and I hardly ever wear it. I think I got it in '99 or so. Should I keep it with hopes that it may become a popular "vintage" item or should I sell it? LOL im leaning toward selling it because I never ever wear it anymore... It does have some wear because of the shape (the top is kinda like a V so if you put stuff in it it goes down in the middle and has created a crease)

    Aother thing, is there somewhere that I can get the name of this bag? And maybe a pic?? I don't have anything except for the dustbag that it came in. I brought it at the Gucci outlet in Secaucus NJ..

    Any help would be appreciated...
  2. I'd sell it and stash the cash away for when you find a bag you REALLY want! :tup:
  3. if you're not using it at all there's no harm in selling it. MissNovember is right, you could put the money aside for a future purchase. that's probably what i would do. i'm not a gucci expert like many of the girls here, so i can't help you with the style, but good luck :smile:
  4. ^^ I totally agree...sell and use the money for one of those wishlist items, girl! :graucho: :smile:
  5. I agree. Sell it because you will probably never use it unless you feel like slouching around with it for a day. Stash the money for another great bag.
  6. I agree, you should sell it and use the money for something you'll really love
  7. If you're not going to carry the ba, just sell it. When selling your bag make sure you take good pics of it. The name is not that necessary. Just title it "Authentic Gucci Leather Tote." In you description be sure to include inside and outside pics. Also, have a pic of the tag in the inside to show proof of its authencity. if you don't have a camera use a cell phone camera. You can send the pics from your cell phone to an email address. If you don't have that you can buy a disposible camera and have the pics develpoped digitially. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  8. Sell. And use it toward the bag you really want.
  9. :yes: Yup, I agree. I can be a bit of a pack rat and am reluctant to throw away/give away/sell some things (like bags!), but if you're not using it anyway, maybe someone else will love it...and then you can use the money for something you WILL use.
  10. I agree with the rest that you should sell it and put it towards a bag that you'll absolutely love and use! :smile:
  11. personally I would sell it and put the money towards something on my wishlist
  12. I agree, sell it and save the money for something you'll love and use!