Should I keep or sell ...

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2014
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    I'm debating whether I should sell my neverful mm de. I love that it's such a carefree bag but don't care for that it's not structured so things get lost in the bag. I also have a neverful in mono so I don't need both. If I sell it, I would like to get another de to replace it with. Any thoughts ?!?

    ETA: Reminder that there is no selling/buying/trading on tPF
  2. I would sell, especially if I had the same size in another print. :smile:
  3. Sell only if you do not use it and feel you would like something else. I had a DE nf myself but sold it because she just sat in her dustbag . But on the other hand my mon monogram nf gets alot more use. gl

  4. You read my mind. I'm using my mon nf now ....:smile:
  5. If you like the style but need more structure, you should try the Marylebone.
  6. Do you use a purse organiser ?
  7. If it's not getting the use it deserves I would say let it go and get something new you really love!! I'm also one for having the same bag in different colors and it always seems you get more use out of one over the other. In other words sell cough cough :wave:

  8. I do not use a purse organizer ... I'm afraid it would add more weight to the purse with all my stuff

  9. Does the marylebone have more structure ?
  10. Yes the Maryebone does have the more structure, has feet at the bottom and very pretty :smile:
  11. I would sell it and get something that you can enjoy more.
  12. Sell it as long as you don't use it and won't regret it. Get something you will use and love.
  13. I think you would like the purse organizer and it does not add any weight in my opinion!
  14. Yes - lovely bag!
  15. I love the trevi much more than the neverful!