Should I keep or sell this beautiful bag?

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  1. I bought this bag a while ago but I've never really used it. Now I keep contemplating keeping or selling it. I put it on Ebay for a couple of minutes just to end the auction shortly after because I've changed my mind.

    Now I need your help ladies. :smile: Should I sell or keep this bag? I guess the reason why I don't wear it is because of my GST's. I prefer structured bags. Do you own a Lockit? Do you wear it often?
  2. Well I do not own anymore leather bags because my back etc ...BUT I really love leathers' bags :biggrin:

    And If I could I will buy this beauty ; so pretty :yahoo: and I am sure easy to use it everyday ;)

    Of course it is your choice to keep or not this bag. Maybe owners of Lockit will help you more than me ;)
  3. This bag is a beaut!! You can wear with anything. Looks very classic :smile:
  4. You should keep it. That bag is on my wishlist so I'm fond of the slouchy shape. If you ended the auction that quickly then I'm pretty sure you may end up regretting selling it. Load it up and wear it out once more to see how you really feel about the bag. You may end up falling back in love with it...
  5. I just went through this with a bag I loved the look of but haven't used much. I would pull it out of its dust bag and think oh it so pretty I can't part with it. I made a point of using it the other day to see how I feel about it. Ended up not being comfortable for me. Looked better than function. I just mailed it today to Fashionphile. Good way to decide to sell:smile:
  6. I think this bag is beautiful, I love it. Black is also a colour that goes with so many things. That said, if it's just sitting there and you don't use it then you could sell it and put the money towards something that you love and will use.

    Even though you might like the look of a bag if it's not practical for you and you prefer more structured bags (as I do) then it will probably just sit there, you'll always grab one of your other ones first.

    In the end it's a decision that only you can make, I guess it also depends on how much money you can get for it if you sell it and if it's worth more to you than that.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide :smile:
  7. Try to use it for a couple of days, that can sometimes help a decision. I almost sold my speedy 30 DE some years ago but then i tried using it again and now it is one of my most used bags again..
  8. I love the SLs, as I have two myself, so I wouldn't sell. But if you do, be prepared to lose about half what you paid.
  9. This bag looks very elegant n the colour will match everything.. Keep it
  10. I vote to keep this classic, classy bag.
  11. Try using it for a week. If you're still unsure after that, I say sell it and buy something you'll love and use.
  12. Sell.
  13. You are all very right. The bag is such a classic. But while reading through all of your comments I realized that it's mainly the shape that seems a little wrong to me.

    Don't get me wrong. I love the look of the bag on other people. But I guess it's not the bag for me. I started an auction on Ebay and then started this thread because I wanted to end the auction again. Silly me, I know. :amuse: Now I decided to handle the situation like this: if I manage to sell the bag I will buy the (more structured) Montaigne GM with the money or otherwise I will keep it and try to make it a little bit more fun. Maybe with one twilly or two or a bag charm. :cool:

    Anyway thank you so much for the opinions! It really helped to make up my mind! :tup::wave:
  14. All we need it is to be in love with our bags :biggrin:
  15. Keep it.