Should I keep or Sell Coco Handle

Should I sell the coco handle?

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Feb 4, 2013
HELP Should I keep or sell my coco handle?

So... my current collection consists of

Classic ML Black Chevron Caviar with SHW
Coco Handle Mini Black with Brushed GHW
Small Black Gabrielle Black
Medium Black Vanity Case
Small Boy Chevron Caviar Black with LGHW
Pink Small Business Affinity Flap
Mini Rectangle 18B Raspberry Caviar
Mini Rectangle Caviar Black with LGHW

Alma BB in DE
Neverfull MM in DE
Palm Springs Mini Backpack
Eva Clutch DE

Marmont Super Mini in Nude
Mini Sylvie in White - Planning to sell this

Mini City Metallic Edge Black with GHW

Micro Belt Bag in Black

I've been going back and fourth about selling/keeping my coco handle for months now...
Initially I was thinking I'll sell it to fund my vanity case and my BA but after i got them I had second thoughts about selling my Coco Handle.

I have 8 black bags in total (including the coco) so I'm not sure if I really need the black coco but I know with the price increases now I will not be able to get it back at this price, it's so expensive now. If i do sell it, would I want it back when i'm older? I'm in my mid 20s now. Is it similar to my other chanels and black bags?? My mom also thinks i have too many similar designs

Initially I wanted to sell it as I feel like i reach for other bags and never really reach for the coco? I prefer my crossbody bags and the straps a little annoying to use and how it slings idk? is a bit weird? I find it falls off my shoulder quite easily. I can get back the price I paid if i sell it? The price increased like 700$ after tax since i got my coco.

I was also watching LVLovercc's video of how the coco didn't seem to work for her as well and it's one of her least used bags but everyone else seems to love the coco?

But i think the bag does look nice when I do go back and look at it and it would look nice to wear to formal events like weddings etc, or looks nice with dresses as well so every time i try to sell it, i start to doubt my decision and then i take the post off again and again . It also looks quite nice with a twilly tied to the handle and also have people telling me that they like my bag when I bring the coco out with a twilly on it

Anyone sold their coco handle too ? What were your reasons for selling?

So the ultimate question now is should I keep it, sell it and recover funds to put towards other things i’ve been eyeing or maybe hold onto it & sell later? (maybe will get a better price too later)

* i'm also planning to sell the sylvie
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Feb 28, 2015
I too loved the Coco Handle and was ecstatic when I finally hunted down the small (one size up) black caviar quilted Coco with black lizard handle. 8 months on, I’ve barely used it.

I still love the style, but sometimes wonder if my mistake was not choosing a different colour (I almost bought the navy instead) so it’s easier to dress down.

I toy with the idea of selling but I haven’t yet as I think this style is one of the more classic seasonal styles that will endure. With Chanel, I find I do go back and forth with what works for me in my collection. So hoping one day it will be suddenly much more used (has happened before with my other Chanel’s).


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Sep 7, 2010
Do you love the bag? Do you need the money for other things?

It sounds like you feel like you should get rid of it, but don’t really want to. If you don’t really need the money, why feel like you have to sell? OTOH, it also sounds like the bag doesn’t really work for you, but you feel you should hang on to it for special occasions. So ask yourself, if you had a wedding or other fancy event to attend tomorrow, would you reach for this bag, or would you carry your mini or some other bag instead?

Bottom line for me, I’m hearing a lot of “nice” in your comments but not a lot of love. If you feel that conflicted and it’s not a bag for a specific use (weddings, etc.) then sell it and move on.


Dec 11, 2006
Negin Mirsalehi wears hers a lot and it looks great on her - I would think it depends on the person, their style and lifestyle. you love it, I suggest keep it. personally I think it is a gorgeous style!