Should I Keep Or Return???

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  1. [SIZE=-1]Hi Ladies, [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]I ordered this from the JC site last week and I actually purchased the larger of the of the 2 wallets (couldn't find photo anymore). It arrived this morning, but I am wondering if it is a little bright/flashy for everyday use?:confused1: [/SIZE]

    It was on sale for $212.00, so the price was good, but not sure if I am in love with it or not. Your opinions??
    I would appreciate some input.
  2. gold seems to be 'in' right now, but I suspect it will be out within a few months... but, because this item is a wallet, it wouldn't be noticeably flashy all the time - only went you take it out of your bag... so, it you like the burst of gold, and it's a good size for you, keep it!

    I personally would not. Gold is not my thing...
  3. Not my style. If you don't love it then return it.
  4. I think it's really cute, especially since you got in on sale. However, I have shied away from metallics in leather goods since it seems like the color rubs and wears a lot. I like my things stay looking nice (as most PF-ers do), and since a wallet is something that will see a lot of use I think a fair amount of color rub will be inevitable! At least with something colored but not metallic, you can touch up small rub spots with one of the many wonderful colors of Meltonian Cream shoe polish!
  5. i think it is adorable. however, if you don't really like it, return it and get your money back.
  6. I love it! It is soo pretty! I love gold in small amount, but if you don't like it, return it!
  7. I love it! Have seen it in real life and its gorgeous
  8. Although I am not a metallics kinda gal, I have to say that it is kinda cute. It's not one that I would buy but if you like it..and the price...then you should keep it.
  9. For me, it is seasonal and lovely, but definitely time-limited. . . I think passion is required, but does it need to be enduring passion for you?
  10. if you don't love it, i say return it b/c i've been there where i don't love something but now it's too late to return.
  11. The color is OK...but if you are not too happy with it, you should return it to buy something you really like!
  12. Ooh that's nice. You can probably use it as an evening clutch too.
  13. Great price for Jimmy Choo- I say keep it!
  14. the gold is too much for me, personally. for a style that is more of a fad than classic, i would return it for something else.
  15. Its Adorable!!!

    I love Jimmy Choo bags and leather goods and it's a great price.
    Keep it and Enjoy!!!