should i keep or return this MONTINI ?

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Should i keep it or return it

  1. keep -- this could be a dressy bag!

  2. return -- this is just an everyday bag!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i have this bag in BROWN and i love it... but i am trying to simplify my life

    plus i'm kinda broke

    should i keep this or return it?

    i don't have a 'dressy' bag... could this be considered dressy?

    (my bag is the brown one -- the other pics are just for bag shape reference)

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  2. Return if you are looking for a more formal bag. This bag's size and aesthetics lean toward casual.

    Stick with your ban or perhaps take a break from tpf to cool your temptations. If you're broke as you say then remain strong. Take comfort knowing that there will ALWAYS be another tdf bag when discretionary money avails itself to you. Personal experience. :smile:

  3. thanks!

    PS. i bought this BEFORE i went on the ban! but i'm running out of RETURN TIME on it...

    PPS. i don't mean dressy like a wedding, but just dressier than my pebbled leather jenrigo

  4. I think it's a beautiful bag, but if you can't afford to keep it then I think the answer's pretty obvious as to what you should do - no point putting yourself in financial trouble for a bag, no matter how beautiful.

    As to whether it's dressier than your other bag, I'd need a pic but I agree with alouette that it seems a rather casual bag to me.
  5. thanks!

    here are pics of my other bag (the pebbled jenrigo)...

    what do you think?! is the montini a bit dressier?

    maybe i could skip lunch for a month or sell an internal organ to keep it!
  6. For financial reasons, I would say return it for now. Later on, when you have some extra spending money you can buy the bag again. Good luck!
  7. thanks!
    but i'm afraid i'll never find it again -- its one of those TJ Maxx finds

    here is the story behind it...

    i bought this bag nearly two months ago for $299 -- but couldn't afford it so i returned it... it disappeared from TJ maxx... then i went back looking for a brown slouchy bag AND IT WAS THERE!!! it was back! two months later! and now on clearance (well not THAT much clearance... $229... so i was like, oh my gosh its FATE... this bag has been returned to me! it was meant to be!

    but now i'm feeling all broke and guilty about my Too Many Bags...

  8. You're not in love with it and you're trying to simplify. There will always be another bag.
  9. No, I AM in love with it!!! I"m just trying to be responsible

    Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do I sound neurotic?

  10. I think the Montini is a little dressier but not a lot. If it were me, I would return the Montini because I feel that this bag in comparison to the jenrigo are not different enough to justify keeping both (both brown, both quite casual, not overly different form factors).

    Mind you, this is coming from a person that has two RH Bal City bags and two LV Papillon bags. Maybe I should take my own advice! :graucho:
  11. I'm having a really hard time parting with this one... The clock is ticking... We'll see how I do :smile:
    PS this is not a bag I would use every day. Its a bag I would carry when I was trying to look a little snazzier (although my snazzy is pretty casual!)
  12. I think the jenrigo and the montini are so similar in style and color that you will only use one. May as well return the other. Both are casual.
  13. honestly i'll return it. i like the way it looks when hanging on the door knob but on the 2 model it seems just ok. the 2 bag style is fairly similar - large size, shoulder & cross body 2-in-1, close color shade of brown. montini is more dressy when compare to jenrigo but not enough for me to keep both when i'm broke unless u can free up more fund
  14. i voted return. it looks casual to me as well, and while i like it in the yellow, it looks plain in the brown imo