Should I keep or return this jacket?


Should I buy this jacket?

  1. Yes - buy this jacket it's stylish

  2. No - look for another jacket

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  1. I am having thoughts about purchasing this trench coat from Macys (brand is INC) Do you think it's stylish or over the top silly? I plan to wear this as my every day jacket with black pants or dark denims.

  2. I voted no, but not because it's not cute and stylish, but because I think you will have trouble matching it with a lot of your outfits - also, it's so noticeable that you might get sick of it... with a plainer coat, you can really change their appearance and colour with accessories (scarves, gloves, bags etc)... with this one, it will always be about the coat.
  3. ^Good point. It's definitely not a coat I'd wear every more than once or twice a week. It's so memorable, that if you wore it too often people would really remember it more than a plainer jacket that could be worn again and again without it being overdone or overworn.
  4. Yeahh...I have to agree with i_wona. It's a really cute jacket, but it would be hard to wear for everyday (unless your wardrobe is mostly solid black, white and maybe some other solids like navy or red or gray). INC has some great pieces this season, though--you could try one in a bright solid color that would still be a good basic, like one of these (they have a cute black patent leather one, too!):

  5. I know it might be a little difficult to work with, but I voted yes. I think it's really cute and fun.
  6. It's cute! You don't need to wear jackets every single day to keep them, so don't worry if you just wear this a few times a month when you're going out. This is a dressy jacket..not your North Face fleece that you wear constantly to go out. :yes:
  7. ^^ I agree with priiin. I think if this would be the only jacket you would have, then don't get it, but it is nice and I could see it worn to a number of different day/semi-casual evening gigs. I say keep it.
  8. I voted no, because even though it's cute I don't think it would work as an everyday jacket. The pink one would be a lot more versatile IMO...
  9. I voted no. This jacket is really cute but if you wore it too often then people would definitely remember it and probably think... wow she wears that jacket like everyday HAHA I dont know if that would bother you... but yeah..
    I think you should look for another jacket
  10. I love the model of the jacket, but I think you might really get sick of the pattern. But if you don't use it as an everyday jacket and just sometimes with a matching outfit, it's cute.
  11. It's a nice jacket but I think you might tire of it easily.
  12. ^I agree with that..
  13. I like it, but would only buy it if it were on sale for a big discount. Even though I like it, I just can't see myself wearing it more than 2-3 times a year. I don't mind standout so much but this particular jacket is a bit too graphic and "uniformish" for me to want to wear more.

  14. It's cute, but I second that. I don't think I could wear it everyday.
  15. /\ I agree with Missmustard & Chanelvgirl!