Should I keep or Return my MOCA Rond?

  1. I bought it just because I was there and I know it is a LE but I am just not sure how much I will use it. I rather have a Fleurs Key Holder to hang on my bag. Or even put that money towards another bag.

    For people that have a Rond do you use it a lot? I have a Cles and I love it. I use it everyday. I keep all my extra cards that don't fit in my wallet. I do not really carry much change so I would not use the Rond for that.

  2. I'd vote for you to keep it, but I'm biased. :p
    I have the Cerises which I use for change and love it...but it doesn't sound like you're totally sold on it so I'd return it and get something you'll use!
  3. I hate to condone it but you could get a fortune for it on eBay. There are tons of folks around here looking for one. lol
  4. It's so cute I think you should keep it. Maybe you can find a neat way to use it?
  5. Keep it - it is such a unique piece - you may find your need change in a year or so and find a use for it and have a wonderful LE piece to use!

    I have a rond and carry it every day - I love it - I do carry change it in, but a friend of mine uses hers to carry jewelry in when traveling. I think there are a lot of different things you could use it for.
  6. If you don't want it then return it, but you can't regret it later on!
  7. I'd keep it. You can always resell and possibly even turn a profit.
  8. I think you should keep it, but if you don't absolutely love it, then there's no sense in having it. Save the money for something you really love!
  9. I'm kinda on the same page w/you...I really want Madeleine before yr.2008:graucho:But then again, this LE Rond will compliments any monogram bags:yes:Hmmm, it's a very tough decision. I'm curious to see what kind of advices you'll get;)What bag do you have in mind~beljwl~?
  10. You could always resell!
  11. i say sell it :smile:
  12. keep it.. u ll find the way to use it..
  13. give it a couple days, and if you still feel the same, then return it or sell as some have suggested.
  14. Keep it. It is a cute & unique piece.
  15. i say it'll look cute hanging on a classic mono bag :p
    so, keep it