Should I keep or return my delightful pm

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  1. Hi ladies!! So I bought the delightful pm a week before the price increase. I really like the bag and it's very comfortable but I generally freak out carrying monogram bags just coz of the vachetta. I just heard from the customer service that totally DE is coming out on march 28th in pm and mm. But my only concern is cracking of the strap issues in DE just like the neverfull DE! Though mine is just fine after 2 years.

    So the question is should I keep the delightful and wait till next year to buy the totally DE or should I return the delightful and preorder totally. I am so confused. And I have another 4 days to return if I want to. Please help!!! TIA 😊
  2. I have a delightful pm and I love. I also bought a strap to carry it crossbody. These are two different bags. One is a tote and the other is a hobo style. Once the vachetta starts to darken a little you don't have to worry as much. But it's really personal preference.
  3. I generally like to wait a little time to see what issues are going to happen with any new release.. I would never pre-order anything. So I say enjoy your Delightful, it's probably the one and only monogram bag I really like a lot, the patina process is beautiful and no big deal, you really can't worry about that if you love LV :smile: Plus it's such a comfortable bag that you should use daily and not stress about, imo. :smile: I loved mine way more than my Totally. I used to own both. Since you have a DE NF I don't think you need the new Totally anytime soon. Good luck deciding!
  4. I'm in a similar situation. Just bought a delightful pm and was thinking about waiting for the de totally. I'm glad I got the delightful, it's such a great bag.

    Ishcat gave some good advice, wait to see if there are any issues with the totally. I say enjoy your delightful, other than the handle there is minimal vachetta and it looks beautiful when it has a patina. Save up and get the totally next year.
  5. I love my delightful! I used some LMB on it and had no worries about my vachetta.
  6. May be LMB will solve my problem and I get to add another bag to my collection next year. That's a positive way to see it. And I have to agree that the delightful is so comfortable.

    Can I use LMB pre treatment on my new bag? Will that prevent from getting water spots and will it also patina the straps?
  7. I don't think cracking will be too much of an issue bc of the wider straps on the totally. If anything, I can see creasing as an issue. It's just something that happened with a coated leather strap. I even remember my DE speedy had some creasing/wrinkles
  8. If you are already having second thoughts, return it. The DE Totally first releases will be Made in France (most likely) and it's an all-weather bag. If you still find yourself longing for a Delightful in a few months, buy one preloved. They pop up often on the authentic reseller sites.
  9. I love my Delightful!!! It's the most comfy and fun hobo bag. As for the vachetta, the bags are made to be use it and enjoy it!! I treat all my vachetta w/LMB and they look wonderful.
  10. Yes you can and it will protect it. It may not be perfect, depends on the elements you expose it to but I've been caught in the rain and haven't had any spots.
  11. If you're questioning it, I would take back. Only keep the bags you're head over heels for!
  12. Wait, the totally in DE is coming out in late March? I heard August...

    March would be better :biggrin:
  13. Keep her only if you really want her, but Delightful owners seem to love this bag. I'm with Ishcat, what and see how the Totally DE plays out. What if those straps are rigid and hurt like on some of the other DE bags?
  14. I think should keep delightful, especially if you already have a DE bag. Save up for totally if you like it later.
  15. At the end of the month! Several forum members have pre-ordered it.