should I keep or not?

  1. i don't know whether or not i should keep my magenta city. i love the color but i haven't been really using it much. what do you ladies think?
  2. Tough one. If you need the $ and are not really into having a "collection" of b-bags, then by all means sell it. I could see the dilemma...I would probably never wear that color but would hate to sell it! Sorry, I'm no help!
  3. well i love b-bags but i don't feel like having too many of the same bags anymore, even though they're different colors. but i'm scared i might regret it.....
  4. Don't do it if you're still unsure, sweetsparkle... it's going to be hard to track down another one if you ever regret it....
  5. i don't use my pewter as much as some of my other bags, but i would never sell it bc i love it so! i would definitely regret it if i sold it.

    it really depends on how much you like the bag!
  6. If you're not using it and there's another bag out there you want more, then sell it.
  7. If you have any doubt then I would NOT sell.
  8. oh sweetsparkle, i was having the same dilemma like you few weeks before. i was going to sell one of my b-bags and one of the them is magenta and another colour i love too.
    but i let fate decides, i try to sell my magenta with a price that i know i won't be regret too, and well i didn't sell. so now i'm going to sell the other one instead...
    it's a tough choice to let this beauty go :crybaby:
  9. everytime i decide ok i'm going to sell it and bring it out to take pics, i think how beautiful it is and put it back in the dustbag!! hehe. gosh, maybe i should keep it.....
  10. sweet, magenta is my all time favorite color.:love: definitely think long and hard before selling. may you have the strength :biguns: (i know i wouldn't be able to). good luck in your decision.

  11. Oh sweetsparkle .... don't sell it if you're not absolutely sure, you'll regret it ! Only if you need the $$$ and you don't like it anymore .... ok, then let it go :yes:
  12. true! thanks girls. i will sleep on it.....the only thing is that i'm not too much of a city girl. i like my bbags in the first size which is why i'm thinking of selling it....
  13. sweet, maybe try to get the magenta in the first before selling your city. i'm not really a city girl either.
  14. have you go out with that bag? yesterday i finally took the bag out to a mall, and guess what i love it!!!
    despise what other say, i feel so good wearing that bag...

    maybe u should take that bag out for a few more days, then u can feel are u comfortable with that ot not.
  15. oh i've taken it before....i love it but i wanna start freeing funds for another birkin or nancy gonzalez bag..