Should i keep or exchange

  1. Bought this today

    Now wondering if I should keep or exchange..

    Any comments?
  2. Cute. What did you pay? That would be the deciding factor for me.
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    Saw these and tried them in this colour and the purple/rose gold version.
    Found them to be cute but not overly compelling (in part due to the wierd sizing).
  4. Sgd$270
  5. Nice!
  6. Cute!!! Keep them :smile: Although I can't wear shoes with the in between toe bit (it irritates me). If I could, I'd get them!!
  7. Same collection as yours! :smile: Mine is purplish with rose gold buckle!
    Keep it! :smile:
  8. That's a very nice color!
    Congrats! :smile:

    I saw someone posted the flip flop in red, I kin of like that one better

  9. I keep it. I have the exact same pair of yours in BLACK. I love it. It goes great with short and jeans. Very outstanding with the bow.
  10. Keep it! I almost got it but got the same one as cynthia_aggie in the end. :smile:
  11. what size? if you want to sell, tell me ^^
  12. Definitely a keeper. I've had mine for almost a year in the nude and literally lived in them all summer. They are so comfortable and can be worn dressed up or down.
  13. Hi everyone. Thanks for this forum.
    Item Name: Salvatore Ferragamo women's shoes size 7 1/2 B
    Listing number: 161121431673
    Seller name or ID: fabmay44
    Working Link:
    Comments: seller just typed "nice shoes".
    Sold on eBay for $52.51 plus shipping. Pre Owned.

    I do need an expert's opinion on this Ferragamo kitten heels slingbacks sold on eBay. I have seen authentic Flavia slingbacks but this one might be called a Florence and not in the official website of SF. Please confirm if Authentic shoes also came up with a pinkish lining aside from the more common ones in off-white or black footbed. Bottom soles has "Salvatore Ferragamo Made in Italy" engraved on it but replicas might also copy the said brandname. Please please help before i spend or be a victim of fakes. If this is real, my sister might have won a good deal off eBay. Thank you.