Should I keep only One?

  1. Hi ladies, I just got the Spy addiction and now have the black and cognac and a chocolate is on the way. I can't return the chocoltae, but do you think they are too similar (dark colors, brown, black) to keep them all? Just looking for opinions.

    I'd post a poll, but eh, I don't know how!
  2. I have the chocolate and am deeply in love with it. Sooo, chances are, you're not going to want to give it up. :nogood:
  3. I would keep them all if you can. If you have to sell any I would keep the cognac and then wait till the chocolate one comes and choose which you like better between the black and the chocolate. I have a feeling it will be a choclolate. I havent seen one IRL but it looks lucious!
  4. I will be keeping the Chocolate for sure, I am just trying to decide what to do about the others. I like them all! Sigh, this is just sick, LOL
  5. ..And I love the black one, I don't have very many black bags. The Cognac is gorgeous.

    I think I just answered my own question - can't keep just one! :shame:
  6. Keep them all... you only live once ;)
  7. If you have to give up one I would return the cognac. I have a chocolate Spy and I really love it. The black is also a beauty.
  8. Ditto! :yahoo:
  9. If you can afford it, keep them all!
  10. The chocolate is a gorgeous color and you'll just want to eat it up!

    The cognac is always stunning.

    If I had to give up one of the three, I'd sell the black. I never was a fan of the black because the details kind of get lost, and the color seems less dynamic and more flat to me. And I don't think it ages as well as the other two colors.

    Congrats a great collection though!

  11. :yes: ITA!
  12. Well, I have them all now, and here is the order in which I like them (best is first)
    1) Cognac
    2) Black
    3) Chocolate

    Of course, the chocolate is the only one I can't return! But I like them all, so I guess I'll keep them all for now.

    Thanks for all of your advice and opinions!:tup:
  13. I loooove the Cognac black so so not really a fan of the chocolate. Just my .02 cents

    Why can't you return the chocolate? Oh well your poor closet's gonna be sad with all the leather stinkin it up...LOL
  14. --It's from Diabro, and they don't take returns because one changed one's mind. Only for defective, or their mistake etc.
  15. just sell it on eBay!