Should I keep one or both...

  1. I ordered two pair of CJ Cookie Johnson "jeggings" (Faith Straight Leg) from the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. They were supposed to be two different sizes, and despite all the Nordstrom paperwork indicating they are, they're actually both the same size. They fit, which is great, but these are the fattest size of jeans I've ever ordered. And while they fit, I have two other pair that I am just on the line of not being able to wear anymore due to my ever expanding fatness.

    I am hesitant to keep both because if I do, that's no real incentive to get skinnier. If I don't keep both, what if I DON'T lose any inches at all and only have the one pair and two narrowly fitting?

    They're not cheap (I normally get my jeans at Anniversary but I usually spend no more than about $60 a throw on them) but if they fit for a while then I get the moneys worth.

    Right now I lean towards keeping only one of them.
  2. Keep one and motivate yourself to get healthy.

    I was in this predicament not to long ago. I gained 10lbs over vacation (eating out for every meal turns out to not be a very good idea) and then in my frustration with my weight gain I stress ate and gained another 5-10lbs. I'm down to just below I was after I got back from my vacation in April. I was afraid the weight wouldn't come off so I bought like 2-3 pairs of jeans on sale in my heavier size.

    All of them are falling off of me right now. I still can't fit into my normal jeans just yet (since I gained 2 sizes) but I always kept a size up in my drawer as padding for holidays and stuff anyway so I'm covered.
  3. That's where I am. Though I say that like anything will change in my clothing size...I only went down A pants size and that was me just cramming myself into them when I lost 50lbs. I was not pleased. The scale said a number that didn't make sense to still be that size...and then I got depressed. And ate whatever. And gained it all back plus. Then I lost some of it again. Then again, no change in size. Didn't feel any different. Then again gained it all back plus even more. I have never ever been this number in weight before but I haven't been anything but this clothing size since I was 18. So 16 years now at this size regardless of weight. It's very very discouraging.
  4. I like to think that not having the next size up will keep me out of the next size, but really I just end up mad and frustrated that my clothes are uncomfortable and don't really fit! Even if you're working on losing, you gotta be comfy while you do it. Keep both pair and be happy when you don't need them!
  5. I'm sorry I'm going thru a hard time, story of my life, and your post was just what I needed to lighten things up. Keep 1 pair, but take this advice from a woman who can only wear half her wardrobe on any given day and can frequently be heard complaining about having nothing to wear. I just feel if you go past your "goal" number it becomes the new norm. Good luck and thanks for giving me a chuckle cuz I can spoo relate.
  6. Are they both the same color? I never buy backups of jeans that I really love and convince myself I'm going to lose weight and then buy my dream wardrobe, but of course it never happens.

    I find when I have a lot of clothes that I love I have more incentive to want to go out and show off my outfits and then with all my socializing I forget to eat and actually lose weight that way. So maybe even though it seems like you're spending a lot on clothes that won't fit you soon-you'll actually reach your goal weight faster.
  7. Aww! :hugs:

    The line I bolded seriously hit home with me. You are SO right.

    lol I NEVER forget to eat. I will fall silent to eat. lol!

    They are both the same color. Just really dark wash. I usually only buy dark wash anyway. But I actually always buy in multiples, in part because if I like something I want it in all the colors. I am very much a "uniform" dresser. So having multiples of what I know works on me, that makes it easier and then Im not always worried about something being clean. I wear the same things every day just in different colors. Stacy and Clinton would lose it.
  8. Keep one and lose the weight! I've been on a weight roller coaster w having kids every 2 years (I have 3.). You get to your goal and then it'll be better to not have 1 pair of awesome jeans that are too big rather than 2. I learned from all the size switches to buy less bc it's so disappointing to have spent the money only to donate it or pack it up! Even a size or two ago, I was happy w my body, but I still wasn't at my goal. I got one pair of black pants from H&M and I kick myself that I didn't it the size smaller, as well! They're falling off me now, but of course they don't stock them now. Same for a pair of skinny jeans from there. I agree, if u keep too many larger sized clothes, you'll have less incentive to get smaller. Out the money towards some fav accessories to lift your mood or towards some new smaller clothes when you get smaller!