Should I keep my WOC?

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Should I keep my woc?

  1. Keep the classic

  2. Switch for the boy chevron

  3. Switch for the small boy

  1. Hi again! So I purchased a beautiful black caviar classic woc last night (silver hardware). I noticed a small flaw today and my SA agreed to switch it out. My husband has been asking me what my next bag will be (lol) and I think I’m settled on a black caviar boy woc in a chevron pattern (also silver). I’m also drawn to the small boy but am not sure I need it given the price difference. I carry a small crossbody now and *think* I’ll be ok with the woc size. Thoughts on if I should do an even swap for the one I got, get the chevron instead, or get the small boy? Please help! :smile:
    AFE853D7-DBE4-4226-ABB9-0A6415AE54E5.jpeg A44E34B7-A7B2-4EAF-BFAC-B141C22BA1DE.jpeg 15B673AE-9196-4477-92BA-82D35DDDB6AB.jpeg C2E95677-9A08-4EDF-9BF9-025F9F637F21.jpeg EF407AB7-AFD3-4062-A89E-D8C5E8E30222.png
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  2. For me personally I would choose a bag over a WOC any day. So if you are able, I’d get the small boy.

    Otherwise, if you are choosing between the classic WOC and boy WOC, I would stick with the classic. I thought the Boy WOC was too stiff for my liking.
  3. Did you pick the woc because it’s the cheapest? I’m a very light carrier but personally would never pick a woc, it’s chain looks way too long on you, and it’s too big for a wallet and doesn’t fit much plus you have to swap out all the cards all the time, I’d rather get a boy mini or if you want CF just bite the bullet and do it.
  4. I did. This is my first Chanel purchase and I read so many posts/watched numerous videos that rave about how versatile the woc is. Thanks for your insight!
  5. Personally I would upgrade to a Boy as its a much more versatile small bag compared to the WOC. My WOC is my least used bag bc it’s too narrow to fit much and I pretty much only use it for travel. Alternatively I would get a mini flap over WOC if you prefer the classic Chanel look (plus the price difference is lower).
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  6. I know a lot of people rave about the WOC and say it should be your first purchase, but I feel a WOC should be a purchase after you get a proper bag, especially if what you really want is a Boy or CF.
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  7. Ugh this is so confusing. I am spoiled for choices.

    Now I am looking at the mini flap and the medium flap. My husband says that the boy bag looks like a biker bag (lol). I just turned 37 and I want something classic that I can wear for a decade. I have a very small bag now and like carrying less. I love to carry crossbody but maybe that is too young of a look (sigh). Does the mini look too young? (I know there is a thread on that but it didn't really help). Should I spring for the mini or medium or just keep what I have and get another bag in a year or so? Can't get both now. So confused!
  8. I’m 40 and just got a Chanel WOC after selling a gucci woc that didn’t match anything I wore. Don’t let age be a factor! You can rock any of them! No, the WOC isn’t my first Chanel, but it’s a great one, especially like you say you are used to not carrying much. Go with what your heart desires. All are great choices! (I voted boy WOC in silver cause I just love that chevron)
  9. I don't think a small bag looks too young. Actually, when I was in my 20s I carried in my 30s I'm trying to carry less, unless I'm traveling or going to work...and even then I have a small bag on hand.

    Anyway, there are people who are happy with just a WOC. However, you actually want a bag, then a WOC isn't something I'd recommend buying first. At that point it becomes settling and the funds are just better directed towards something you actually want, even if it means waiting longer or spending more money.
  10. From what you’re saying, you need a mini—something classic, can be worn crossbody and contains all your essentials.
  11. I voted for the small Boy, even a small bag is more versatile than a WOC just because of the added depth. A classic mini is a good choice too. If you are staying with WOC I prefer the Boy version though.
  12. I personally would get a mini or the boy bag. I can appreciate the appeal of a WOC but have never bought into it. Mini is much more user friendly and versatile.