should I keep my vintage kelly 32?

Aug 22, 2006
hI THERE! It's my first time to post here!
I usually visit the thread but I don't participate. Shy... (yeah right)
I have a brown kelly box 32 in excellent condition.
When I went to Hermes madison ave. the craftman told me it
that it's actually a 60's kelly vintage. I thought it was from the 70's.
I'd like to buy newer bags and have tons of bags already that's why i'd
like to sell it? What do you think?
I personally would NOT sell it. I mean it is vintage, and it holds some much value, not just monetary, but it's like a piece of art. I definetly think you should keep it. Sell other bags that you don't use, but not that one.
Thanks. I just can't post the pic. Don't know how. But it's really a beauty.
Pier/Craftsman from hermes NY said it's a good vintage from the 60's. Thanks.
Will post pic later...
:yes::yahoo: Scan and Save to Computer
Save to
Thank you so much Impsola, GrandsFonds, Moviegirl325, Pigleto972001 and Tammy D.

Oh Tammy D I only used it once since I got it. I love the smell of the leather though.

And yes Moviegirl325 very beautiful patina! Sorry the photo is lousy! Today is a very memorable day. First pic of my lovely vintage kelly plus my first post on purse forum. Thanks girls for the warm welcome!