should I keep my vintage kelly 32?

  1. hI THERE! It's my first time to post here!
    I usually visit the thread but I don't participate. Shy... (yeah right)
    I have a brown kelly box 32 in excellent condition.
    When I went to Hermes madison ave. the craftman told me it
    that it's actually a 60's kelly vintage. I thought it was from the 70's.
    I'd like to buy newer bags and have tons of bags already that's why i'd
    like to sell it? What do you think?
  2. I personally would NOT sell it. I mean it is vintage, and it holds some much value, not just monetary, but it's like a piece of art. I definetly think you should keep it. Sell other bags that you don't use, but not that one.
  3. keep it for sure.
  4. Thanks. I just can't post the pic. Don't know how. But it's really a beauty.
    Pier/Craftsman from hermes NY said it's a good vintage from the 60's. Thanks.
    Will post pic later...
  5. YES PLS DO!!! WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!! I bet she is a true beauty w/ the beautiful patina!!! KEEP IT FOR SURE!!! She still has many more years of use ahead of her!!!
  6. I wonder who the previous owner is. I wasn't born yet in the year 60.
    Workin on the pic....
  7. keep that baby! :smile: vintage bags, especially good condition ones, are hard to find! pics please :smile:
  8. I am getting frustrated downloading the pic. Hubby out of the country.
    I am so pathetic dependent bag addict!
  9. Can't see it, luxurylife. You have to do an attachment instead I think. Hope that helps!
  10. Oops pic is dark. Just took a pic of it sowie...clochette by the way is new made by darlin Pierre of Hermes Madison Ave. still trying to download.
  11. [​IMG]

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  12. I would keep it, but it depends on how much you love it and how you are using it.
  13. Thank you so much Impsola, GrandsFonds, Moviegirl325, Pigleto972001 and Tammy D.

    Oh Tammy D I only used it once since I got it. I love the smell of the leather though.

    And yes Moviegirl325 very beautiful patina! Sorry the photo is lousy! Today is a very memorable day. First pic of my lovely vintage kelly plus my first post on purse forum. Thanks girls for the warm welcome!
  14. [​IMG]