Should I keep my Totally Turnlock bowler?

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  1. Hey ladies!

    Just wanted to get your opinions....

    I have a Totally Turnlock bowler in black that I got last month. I find that I'm not using it, and the allure of the bag is gone for me. Should I keep it, or try to sell it since I've used it for a few days? I'm weary about selling it since I haven't had much luck selling anything lately.

    What should I do?
  2. is this the gift from your boyfriend? oh, SuLi, I could never sell anything my boyfriend gave me (well, I did sell one thing, but only because it could never fit well), and this is a hot you want to give it another try first?
  3. ^ Wow, I can't believe you remember! I know, I feel really guilty, but I just haven't used it and I'm falling out of love with it (not with my boyfriend of course).
  4. I would maybe try to use it this week? you have plenty of time before Christmas to sell if you decide you still won't use it at the end of the week, and I don't want you to regret this later. gl! it's a toughie:confused1:
  5. i agree, if it was a gift from the boyfriend, don't sell it!
  6. SuLi,

    If you don't use it & your bf doesn't mind, you can sell it and get another bag that you love. I think that he would want you to have something you love & wear on a regular basis. Good luck with your decision. =)
  7. ^^Agreed!
    I know that nothing frustrates my DH more than if he gets me something and I don't use it. He would rather me have something I use than to keep something that's worth so much just to make him happy. I don't know if your BF is like this, have you talked to him about selling it?
    If he doesn't mind then I say do it, then you can get something you really love. Good luck!
  8. I think that there's no harm trying to sell it. I think that if you were to sell it, better now than later when it may not be as popular. It's better to invest that money into something that you'll really enjoy (that being said, hopefully your bf isn't too sensitive about it) after christmas is always a good time to sell on ebay because people have christmas money to spend.
  9. I would try to use it for a few days consistently, and then if you really don't love it then sell it. A few days shouldn't affect the bag's condition really, and you'll have a little more time to think over whether you might want to use it in the future. Since at one point you really did like the bag, this will give you a chance to see if you'll fall in love again :heart:
  10. Thanks for all the advice....

    I had a talk with my boyfriend, and he okayed my selling the bag. So, I've listed it, and hopefully, it will sell.


  11. Good Luck Suli!
  12. good luck! and i hope you end up getting a bag you really really love!
  13. Thanks everyone!

    I've been in such a funk lately about bags in general.
  14. can you pm me the auction number???
  15. Good luck SuLi! Hopefully someone picks it up as a Christmas present! And hope you find a beautiful bag that you LOVE to replace it!!!