Should I keep my tan PG Bella Bella?

  1. I have been trying to sell my tan PG Bella Bella in the last few weeks but not much luck...probably because of the high price...but I have no choice as I would like to recoup what I paid for it. :sad: I found a tan PG Mamma Mia shortly after buying the BB, and I was trying to stick to my guiding rule of having 1 print 1 bag. So I thought I shoud sell the BB as it will be most likely the lesser used bag compared with my MM.

    Anyway, with all the recent attention on the tan PG Bella Bella, I am having second thoughts on whether I should sell it or trade it with possibly a citta gioco (yet to be confirmed)? I do like the print and colour (it's so versatile) and I :heart: it's slouchy shape when worn. I am also not so sure about the gioco style even though that citta one has got fantastic placement. I am worried that it is a little cumbersome to get into.

    Oh dear! Should I keep it/ sell it/ trade it for a citta gioco? :confused1: Please help me decide.
  2. Idk..I say keep it..but if you must enforce your own rule 1 bag per print then maybe trade it for something you like better????
  3. Oh BTW, the trade with the citta gioco did not go through....:nogood:
  4. I say keep it too unless you find something that you want to trade for. It's been talked about a lot on here, but I think most people are only willing to pay up to maybe $150 for it. So it will be hard for you to recoup all the money you spent.
  5. Well, I say you should keep it until you find the perfect bag for yourself :smile: But heyy what do i know? lolz.
  6. keep it
  7. yah I think you should def. keep it!!
  8. if it's BN and you haven't used it, then I understand that you're firm on trying to get back what you paid..
    but since I use some of my bags and makeup or whatever I'm trying to sell and they're rarely BN, i am more flexible with the price.

    honestly, i think it's wasteful to hold on to something you don't think you'll really use.

  9. Even though personally I say to keep it, i tend to agree with kimm in the end.
  10. I think your choices are keep it or sell it at a loss because it isn't going to sell for what you paid + international shipping costs, unfortunately. If you like it enough, keep it, otherwise try selling it for a little less than you paid.
  11. I agree, keep it and see if you can trade it. there are alot of new toki fans that need older prints. good luck;)