Should I keep my small White Caviar Classic Flap SHW?

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  1. I used to love this bag but I don't find myself wearing it at all because it's white. That being said, I don't see it around much so I'm hesitant to let it go. I was thinking I could let it go and use the money to fund the black version in GHW or even put it towards a black old medium caviar boy (if I can ever find one...). Is the white even "rare" and does it retain its value more/less/the same than the black color? Will the white be popular again one day? Any advice is appreciated :smile:
  2. I have white jumbo, love it more during spring and summer time .. For me keep it!!
  3. KEEP!!! i have a white m/l with SHW and it's one of my favorites!! perfect for the spring/summer months but also year-round bc that crisp white makes such a statement during the drab fall/winter seasons. :biggrin: i'm NEVER selling mine. i hear patent white eventually gets that yellowish color change but other whites should be fine if maintained carefully.
  4. Aren't you afraid of getting it dirty when you wear it??
  5. a person either loves white bags or they don't. for me, i only have this one life to live and i LOVE white bags bc it looks so modern and crisp so i enjoy them and WHY NOT!! lol u can't it any of these things with you when you leave so might as well enjoy it while you can!! i haven't seen white caviar come out in awhile, not to mention with silver hardware and with quality the way that it is now and with prices ever climbing, i don't plan on selling mine. it's caviar so it's less maintenance than lambskin. i love lambskin but even I draw the line and would not get white lambskin or white patent bc of fear of color transfer and stains. anyway, only you will know what to do in the end, good luck!
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    yes! They are hard to find these days and I was lucky to get mine, I have the m/l and I wore it today. :heart:
  7. I have wanted one for a while now but haven't seen a white caviar mini with silver hardware in years so I say KEEP :smile:
  8. That's funny. I was just thinking of the same issue myself. I have a white m/l lambskin. It's beautiful but I don't find myself using it. I'm thinking of selling it for a boy bag but it was my first one and a gift from my husband. Should I sell for a more common bag?
  9. I think it was my love at first sight several years ago when I could not afford to have one. If you plan to use it, keep!
  10. Do you have other Chanel bags? If so, what's in your collection? If you have other bags that you use more frequently, it's ok to have a special bag that's just there to be beautiful. If you don't, I think you might regret selling it. It is rare and there is something special about a lady who can take care of a white bag.
    After spending some time staring at my white one, I'm gonna keep her. She is strikingly beautiful.
    I hope that helps. Let us know what you decide
  11. keep!
  12. Keep! I love lighter colored bags Is it caviar or lambskin?

    I think white retains it value slightly less than the black just because most people are in the market to buy black or are afraid of getting the white dirty. If you love it, keep it. If not then let her go for something you will love
  13. Please KEEP and use it!
  14. I barely ever see white too! I've decided to keep it everyone! I do love the bag a lot and its value will only rise over time. Thanks for your help everyone :smile:
  15. I do have other Chanel bags, but it is my only classic flap. I'll just save up for the black classic flap and keep the white :smile: