Should I keep my silver miroir speedy?

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  1. Aloha all! Even though I have been a PF member for a while this is actually my first post. So anyhow I really wanted the Silver Miroir Speedy for a while and was actually on the waiting list since July and I finally got it! It's really cute and all but I didn't get that normal euphoric moment that I get when I usually purchase a new bag. The problem is that it's vinyl which = plastic. Also, the price is kind of ridiculous for something that's made of quality material. However, I know it's a limited edition bag and it's so freaking cute that I don't know what to do.:cursing: This is the reason I am turning to all of you for your opinions. Is this bag really worth it? It's beautiful but also very trendy and I don't usually like trendy. Should I keep it or should I just get a more classic bag? I'm looking at the epi alma or the Batignolles Horizontal and Epi Pochette. 2 bags for the price of one! ARGH! HELP!
  2. keep it for a month or so, if you don't like it, sell it on ebay.. maybe you can make a profit?.. i d k..
  3. keep it for a month...then flip it for a profit...right now ebay is saturated with them, so theres too much competiton LOL...wait a month until after the holidays because the people who thought there was one under the tree, may have not gotten one and are holding out after xmas people will buy LOL

    I have a gold speedy that ill be selling after xmas too :biggrin:
  4. I would either sell it very fast (I think after the initial hype dies down I think this bag is going to be a flash in the pan) - or better yet, if you're still in the return period, return it and get some classic and pretty that you will really use. If you can, return it. I think it's a ridiculous price for a very flashy, plastic bag personally.

    I know some of the purse members love it, but when I think of the lovely bags you could get in its stead (a batignolles horizontal and a pretty wallet) and use them day in and day out - I would return it in a heartbeat.

    I wouldn't "flip" the price on ebay - on a personal level I would feel better returning it and letting someone right below you on the wait list get it if they really want one.
  5. If you don't absolutely LOVE it, don't get it. Get something that you really like instead.

  6. :yes: :yes:
  7. I agree return it and get something that you adore:heart:
  8. Welcome to tPF!:welcome: I wouldn't keep it if you are not in love with it and just because it's a limited edition. JMHO.
  9. I got my papillon and returned it about three days later. It just didn't do it for me either... and there are so many bags that I want, it just wasn't worth it for me. Get what you will really love!!
  10. There is no buying/selling on tPF.

  11. No one on this thread is trying to buy or sell anything. I know you are new, but thought you might have misunderstood the posts. She is asking for opinions not trying to sell her purse on the forum.
  12. I've edited her post so there WAS some one on this thread that was trying to buy/sell something.:smile:
  13. I love this bag! Even though its vinyl, i think the detail on the bag is great. However, if you do not love it I would in no way keep it! I have done that with a few other bags thinking that I would eventually like it and it never happens. Returm it if you can and get the pieces you want. I would not sell it for a profit, I agree with letting the next person on the list get it. I would be THRILLED if I had thought I wasnt able to get it and then someone returned one! Keep us posted!! Show us what you end up getting!

  14. Oh - missed that. I thought she thought the OP was trying to sell her bag. Sorry!

    Sunshine - I agree wholeheartedly!
  15. ITA! ;)