Should I keep my Sang City GGH?


Apr 21, 2008
After months of lusting over Sang and feeling bad thinking I missed out on it, I finally got my hands on a city with GGH. I absolutely love the color, it's the perfect red for me. However, I'm having second thoughts. I've mostly been an RH and SGH girl, never tried GGH. I'm so in love with the color Sang that I don't want to let her go. At the same time, I'm so not used to gold that it bothers me a little. The weird thing is, I actually think GGH is gorgeous. I think GGH is so pretty whenever I go through TPF members and celebrity modeling pics. In fact, I'm sitting here staring at the bag, and I'm thinking, she's absolutely stunning.... what is wrong with me?

If I let this one go, I'm afraid I'm never going to find Sang with SGH.... What should I do? Is it possible that wearing gold is just a matter of getting used to?


Mar 27, 2010
What is your hair color? or better yet, could you post a pic with you and the bag?
You could get an opinion about how it looks with your coloring.
I like silver more than gold but I think red could look better with gold. It sounds really nice. And I think they are no longer producing gold. Do you have a grace period in which to return?


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006
Just a reminder that transactions are not permitted on tPF and are a bannable offense.

I say keep it for a while... it may grow on you more than you think :smile:


Jul 9, 2009
sang looks good with RGGH as well IRL. RGGH tones down the sang color that is why I bought it, otherwise I wouldn't carry red....
Sang (and all reds ) + gold combo for me (IMO) is just too festive and reminds me of a Chinese New Year's celebration decor. Believe me, here in Hong Kong, when it's Chinese New year, the whole city is in red and gold. The bag would be perfect to bring it out during this time.....

ooops forgot to mention that I love GGH on me most especially on neutral colors (inc. raisin EC) and exception colors would be my amethyst (just too pretty), pommier (really summery).
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Apr 21, 2008
Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to hold on to it for awhile to see if I get used to it. I've had some experiences with other bags before that I didn't love when I first got them but ended up being my favorites. I definitely think sang and GGH is great combo, and I think even prefer it over sang and SGH. I just need to get used to the gold....


Dec 13, 2008
Another option over Sang with SGH is Sang with RGGH.....a little less blingy than GGH. Just to get an idea of what that looks like - I remember a SANG RGGH PT on bon (NMA).
It could be a little more subtle than Sang with GGH. I think it's a lovely combo.

On the other hand - I have a Ruby with GGH and LOVE it!


Jan 16, 2006
Because the GGH is only offered on black bags now, I would keep it. But if the gold is to much for you, sell it or return it. I personally love all the GGH on here but I know that I will get more use out of GSH so I stick with what works for me.