Should I keep my Quilted Bay Bag?

  1. Okay... I went a little nutsos at the Nordys sale and picked up some good deals. I have a Cream colored Betty and picked up a Chocolate Paddington Buyer's tote, a Camel colored Quilted Bay Bag, a Grey-ish Edith Hobo and a Whiskey Colored Edith w/ messenger strap. Anyway, here is a pic of my Quilted Bay...


    Should I keep it? Its rather large. Its the same size as the large Edith. I'm wanting a summer bag, but not sure this is it... Advice ladies?

    *sorry, I posted this earlier in the wrong should be right now.* apologies.
  2. I love the for it being large, it would help if you could post pictures with you modelling the bag...
  3. you should PM a mod to merge this thread with the one you have in the shopping forum.
  4. I already did that. Thanks!
  5. That's a tough one - I love the Chloe quilted Bay but it is deceiving and is much bigger than it looks. Go with your gut instinct. All your new bags sound great and Nordies had such a great sale. Can you keep them all!?
  6. I ordered that same bag. I like it, but mine came with a lot of scratches. I know they will bother me, as they aren't a result of my own usage and wear.

    I have really struck out with my sale bags this sale season. Better luck next time!
  7. It's so cute! Did you got the quilted bay bag on sale at Nordstrom? Lucky you!
  8. starbuxxx vbmenu_register("postmenu_3033292", true); I'm thinking its gonna go back. I really do love it, but as a mom of 2 kids under 2... its not gonna work for me. argh. Man... its so pretty, but whoa.. it weighs a ton (light when empty, but adding a few things weighs it down significantly). Yes, I could keep them all, but then what would I lust for next? Any suggestions? hahah. :smile:

    chipoman81 vbmenu_register("postmenu_3033393", true); I think these are all prone to scratches. Not much we can do. This is the 3rd Quilted Bay I had transferred in and it was the best one. ​
  9. I was wondering the same thing about the LARGE --- for an everyday bag??
    Too big?
  10. Its a beauty I say keep it but go with your gut feeling!
  11. starsnhevn - send it back! save your money for an awesome bag for us mommies that's also stylin' and durable at the same time. your Betty is perfect as an everyday bag! i sent back four Ediths because they simply weren't right for my casual sahm lifestyle. and i'd rather have other Chloe lovers buy and enjoy those Ediths (even the drop-dead gorgeous rouge classic I will be very reluctantly returning to NM *sniffle!*:crybaby:) rather than have them as part of a collection of other unused bags sitting in their dustbags tucked away in my armoire!
  12. Out of all the ones you got, this quilted Bay is my favorite. How about posting some modeling pics?