Should I keep my Platinum Guccissima Boston?

  1. Hi Girls !
    I'm actually torn between keeping my gucci or selling it to buy a Chanel.:confused1:
    I bought it on January 2007 but i did not use it often. Maybe 2 times.
    Yesterday i saw a Chanel (cotton club collection, i think) who have the similar style but the leather is less brighter. I think it's more wearable with all type of outfit.
    But the style is similar. So should i sell it or keep it because the color pops !

    I need your opinion...

    Here is the picture of The Platinum guccissima Boston bag, and the picture of the chanel but i want it in a metallic beige.
    photo 014.jpg Jan28_chanelpetitshopping.jpg
  2. I made a's a CAPRI model....not a Boston !
    Sorry for the confusion...
  3. I'd say keep the Chanel!
  4. I would keep that gucci. I am not a fan of that chanel style.
  5. i like the gucci bag and the chanel bag would probably be cute in the color you are describing and it is similar style compared to your gucci bag. If you have tried out the chanel and love it and think you would get more wear out of it then i say go for the chanel!
  6. i like the gucci better :smile: its oh so yummy!
  7. i like the gucci too!
  8. I have that chanel but in the tote. I would go for the chanel.
  9. I am not a gucci fan but this gucci bag is Hot!
  10. I like the Gucci! The metallic leather is beautiful... But the Chanel is pretty good as well
  11. i love the gucci.
  12. I love gucci but on this one I say, "sell for chanel"
  13. I like the chanel way better. Its a good solid style, reminds me of the cambon, but less flashy.

    I tried hard to like the platinum gucci stuff, but it looks tacky.
  14. Go for the Chanel!!!!!!!:yahoo: