Should I keep my Pewter First?

  1. Hi everyone! I just recently bought a Pewter First from a fellow forum member. I love the color but the only thing is that I would only take it out at night. The problem is the size. Maybe I'm so used to carrying clutches when I go out at night so the first seems a bit big. What do you think?
  2. can you post a pic of it? I don't remember what the color looks like.
  3. It's the one on the top left
  4. I love it for night! Definitely not too big, and it will look so hot with jeans! Or anything for that matter!
  5. i was wondering the same thing. i want a first for going out because it is durable (in case i become a messy drunk (lol)) and has the option of going on the shoulder but wonder if it looks more like a small daytime bag. are you petite?
  6. i'm petite - 5' in a way it kind of looks like day bag BUT i do carry my black first out at night but it doesn't seem so big because it's black.
  7. I think it is lovely but if you are not getting good use out of it maybe sell it or trade it for a color or bag you would use more? You wanna get the most out of your purchases!
  8. good to know. i am looking to get a black first. guess i haven't helped (sorry) but that has helped me! thanks.
  9. do you use your other first at night? i can see that being a color for the daytime too.
  10. Sell it, its a horrible horrible bag:sick: And just because I like you, I will be kind enough to purchase the retched thing and take it off your hands;) :biggrin:

    Seriously though, why dont you try taking it out one night and see how it feels. Then make your decision.
  11. I think it's a perfect evening bag. However, if you really are not in love with it you should find it a new home and get something you're wild about.
  12. true. i guess i should take it out for a test drive :biggrin:

    specialK - you can use my pics btw for the turquoise city. good luck with your sale. i'm sure it's gonna sell really fast!!
  13. sweetsparkle - wow! love the colour of your b-bags!!! i cant believe you've got a magenta and a turquoise - so lucky!!!
    i'm agreeing with what has been said - i reckon you should take it out for at least several test drivers before you make up your mind about selling it... i'm shorter than you - hehehe - i SO think this colour is great! its hard to find now... but good luck with what you decide :smile:
  14. Hi Sweetsparke, I have a bronze first and wear it all the time day or night. Its a perfect size. I too am petite 5'3 so I know where you are coming from. i agree with everyone. take it for a test drive.
  15. I am dying for a metallic First! If anyone wants to sell theirs, PM me!